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Thursday, June 28, 2012

other side of the beautiful coin

and my sweet Mike, Most Venerable Mikey Monkey, ah such innocence
I know the litter box was starting to smell and at the end of the month well you know money is short
so I had put away at least a little less than half, so that when it become too stinky I went to get the bag poured it into the litter only to find out that my Venerable Mikey had been there before me right in the
bag ah the stinker, here he is

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My dear oh so dear visitors I've had it with the Internet

th only thing is how much I will miss all of you wonderful people, who knows I may cr ome but I think I may go back to my greater NO not the phone, books, great and cheap books 'cause I've had with the financiawold who tries oh ever so hard to had the most insignicant charges to everytpihing, even that stupid phone where I'm payin'g for 911 should i ever need it??????and municiplae taxe on  urgent calls and then  the sercvice touch tone, they m're nuts..crazy I've just ad enough of all the gi mmicks tou  get even more money I've had it so here's doin my part, I hope you et to see this before they cancel my account. TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELVES, i LOVE YOU ALL

You are the Hope I need

Thursday, May 31, 2012