Thursday, February 26, 2009

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magiceye said...


Devika said...

Silent nights....lonely nights... :)

At times I sing that way -- silent night, lonely night..."holy" would go for a toss then!

Loved this one, Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

Hey Thanks a lot Maiceye :)

Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoye dit Dev ;)

polona said...

the photo looks so cold... which enhances the words.

ArleneWKW said...

I get the feel of that. Very well done.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

ha! I'm in one right now. the words and picture go so well together.

Lorraine said...

It has to warm up sooner or later, let it be sooner ;) Thanks a lot Polona

Thanks Arlene, I appreciate the compliment :0

Ha! what are you doing telemessaging while driving, watch out for the bumps ;) thanks Andrew, stay warm