Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Devika said...

But isn't it our nature to reflect what we see, Lorraine?

but yes, we carry beautiful images longer with reflect on later also....leaving the bad ones....

Very nice picture,
A Holy and Happy Easter, Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

I think we should reflect who we are in spirits
I hope you get all the Love you need this Easter Dev :)

Janice Thomson said...

Fantastic photo mon amie. How well you state the essence of who we are - I love this.

Michael Rawluk said...

The words are perfect and they fit the image. Very nicely done, Lorraine.

polona said...

yes it is!
love it

standley said...

Une belle image qui s'accorde parfaitement avec tes mots Lorraine!

gautami tripathy said...

Very profound.

How many of us understand that, Lorraine? Some os us are so self-absorbed that we can't see beyound ourselves.

Happy Easter to you..

gautami tripathy said...



Lorraine said...

Merci beaucoup a chere amie :)

Thanks for your lovely compliment and your visit Michael :)

Thanks Sweet Polona :)

Tu es tres gentil Richard, merci pour ta visite :)

Thanks for your special message Gautami and the same to you...I read it correctly the first timem LOL ;)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

yes it is- I guess that's why it's so easy to do.

Lorraine said...

mmm I like that Andrew, thanks very much :)