Wednesday, April 22, 2009

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Devika said...

They say death would say how a life was lived...rightfully or the time the journey is done!

Losing and gaining oneself is quite normal as one walks the course of life,

Let the sun, within and without ourselves all will be alright, Lorraine! :)

Nice picture,


Devika said...

so how did you celebrate your b'day, dear?


gautami tripathy said...

We are all lost and in a way we are found too. By us.

namaki said...

but at least you are on a road ... on the move towards better ... ;-) the sky is beautiful !

Michael Rawluk said...

I hope the 50th was a memorable occasion. You are still a youngster.

Devika said...


I don't see you commenting anywhere...are you alright, my dear?

I am afraid if my words hurt you...i mean the first was a just a casual thought that came to me...just I am often reminded of that when i think if I am 'right' or 'wrong'

and I said that without a thought it might be misunderstood,

Hope you get me right, Lorraine


Lorraine said...

No of course not silly girl lol sorry Devika I just haven't been around to visiting yet, you would not beleive how decadently lazy I've been today, you'dll laugh at me I swear, the kitchen is a mess, the litter needs changing the cats and I have been playing...I promise to catch up later sweetie ;)and believe me I appreciate your wisdom more than you know (even if you're a little nuts a times lol oh I ate way toooooo much cake, oh my but it was great

and that is a darned good thing Gautami, I'm late in visiting you too, you haven't posted our horrible frakenstein, hum connection have you ? lol

So much to learn Namaki, I'm really just a babe in the wood, well not that much of a babe anymore, but you know ;)

Michael,I ate a whole cake (caramel roll) without shame, that was a good birthday ;)

and again Dev, sweetie, have you ever known me to get hurt and not tell you off lol no worries sweet girl, I'm just overindulging, tsk, tsk...;)

polona said...

oh, lorraine, keep overindulging. it's the best we lost souls can do until we find our home again ;)

Lorraine said...

Right on Polona ;)

Frank Williams said...

It's always nice to be pampered Lorraine, particularly on your birthday.

Janice Thomson said...

Poignant words mon amie - ones I can relate to as well. Now that you are 50 you'll see you are on the right path! Glad you had a wonderful day - you deserve it.

Devika said...

Oh, relieved!!

I started with a smile and then laughed and now smiling...and you have the reasons in your responsem Lorraine...thanks dear! :)

and nice to know you had a great time, Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

Agreed, thanks Frank :)

You think? why do i feel 12? lol thanks Janice, it's all that sugar rush ;)

I did indeed, don't worry so much Dev ;) it'll put lines on your lovely face lol