Saturday, May 16, 2009

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namaki said...

une photo très printanière ... une humeur toute joyeuse !

RBroeker said...

Nice photograph, I like red, white and green together.

Best wishes

Devika said...

Good or bad...Never would I say more to life...because when ever I saw some one do that, I had to see tragedies striking them left and right.... I have had my share too...But yes, would make the most of 'now' :)

Lovely photograph, Lorraine...making the most of now for me :)


Michael Rawluk said...

That is gorgeous, especially when viewed large.

standley said...

Un très beau mariage de couleurs Lorraine.
Amour toujours? Par expérience je répondrais oui!

Lorraine said...

Merci beaucoup Namaki :)

Lorraine said...

Glad you enjoyed it Ralf:)

Dev, trying to understand your response to this photo and words...or what is just a general statement about life?

Thanks a lot Michael, flowers really are beautiful :)

Bien contente pour toi Richard et merci beaucoup!

Devika said...

'Forever more' --it made me say that, dear Lorraine...its my approach to life when I think about it...most of the time I don't think too much...just go about life with responses that come to mind in the first place :)


Lorraine said...

You go with your first thoughts...that I know, and appreciate :)