Sunday, June 7, 2009

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Devika said...

haha! I love this, Lorraine :)
You are smart and straight -- i love you for that :)


Lorraine said...

Oh and I love your comment, if I'm so straight why do I keep on falling? you're so sweet lol

Devika said...

You worry about falling??
figuratively i love that -- and i fall purposefully so that i see others gain...i love it that way!:)


Janice Thomson said...

Love your thoughts in this. Photos of empty chairs, benches and the like are always appealing to view imagining the stories they could tell...

Lorraine said...

Sometimes Dev I don't know if you're very wise or very foolish lol

Oh yes, if they could speak, or actually if we could hear, thanks M'dear

RBroeker said...

Nice one.

Best wishes

firebird said...

Yes, I see the angel...but why is there a green patch on the chair? (Just curious)

Magyar said...

Another fine one Lorraine!
_We've a B/W photo of an empty chair... artfully taken nearly 20 years ago by the young daughter of friends of my wife and I. Jen, that then young girl, has gone on into that photographic profession; she creates -art- beyond her day to day work, and this, stands near that photo:

empty chair
the favored watcher
in spirit

standley said...

En tout cas de la haut il est bien placé pour voir et veiller sur beaucoup de choses!

gautami tripathy said...

invisible angel
watches us
falling on our face!


Lorraine said...

Thanks a lot Ralf :)

I suppose the angel needs a sign? Good question Fireb lol thanks a lot!

Wow that's beautiful Magyar, thanks very much :)

C'est sûr Richard, merci beaucopu :)

Gautami lol oh good one, I asked for it, didn't I lol thanks for the chuckle

Devika said...

Wisdom or foolishness, we all finally reach the same place Lorriane...don't we?? :))


Cindybrown said...

I love this Lorraine :)

Maxine said...

This is charming. The chairs says so much more empty...

Lorraine said...

That is for sure Dev, I think it's better to be foolish, personally ;) lol

Thanks sweet CindyB :)

Thanks so much Maxine, I appreciate your visit :)