Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Like others I no longer know the truth
I'm told we live in Illusion
With realities we
Wonderful old souls created
Yet every turn
We hurt, We do not heal
Great spirits we are
Hidden behind our intellect
I'm finding it hardto buy into it
And if we are to rejoice
In one Spirit
I'd rather do it alone.


magiceye said...

doesnt matter how
but rejoice and celebrate
is a must
that is what life is for!!


Lorraine said...

I have to agree with this premise seing as how life is to learn, and we have a choice to do it joyfully or painfully lol ;) thanks m_

Devika said...

Rejoicing in the One and only One Spirit, makes life so much enjoyable, peaceful and lovable...whether one does it alone or in a group, our mind is transformed greatly in the process...

Life is to love, make space for others-- showing our intelligence is secondary, i does occur in our communication, but that is not the important aspect of it...its our urge to love and be loved,

in the process some may get hurt..every one has their share of pain to endure in this world,

and even God helps only those who help themselves...not the ones who become a pain in the neck of someone else...even if that includes me!

as usual, I said what all came to my mind...but, Lorraine for almost a year we have been talking the same thing over and over again -- don't you think?? :)


Lorraine said...

LOL I think so Dev, I especially love this 'and even God helps only those who help themselves...not the ones who become a pain in the neck of someone else...even if that includes me!'
Hilarious, no, you're not my pain the neck lol

Devika said...


love you, my dear :)

Lorraine said...

and I love you too Dev :) now quit bothering me! I have others to visit you know ;) lol

Devika said...



Brian Miller said...

smiles. alone is so alone. but when dancing before the One, alone is often how i feel. forgetting those around. we do tend to create realities that help us make sense of what is going on around us, but who are we fooling? only ourselves? peace and joy. smiles.

Timoteo said...

The wheel turns...and better days are ahead.

RBroeker said...

The picture is great, I love the minimalistic use of colour. May I say that the verse could ... no, it is all right. It is your verse, not mine. I could do nothing alone ...

Best wishes

Magyar said...

Is this, perhaps, the -one blossom-?

_-The best place for a word to hide... in the library, a rain drop... the ocean, and a truth among the lies-.
_We can all be, alone. No one thinks exactly as do I, or sees as I see, or feels as do you; even in crowds we can (all) think of ourselves as alone, and 'of our own thoughts.' Individuals... hiding within throng, yet avoiding commonality.
_Ooo... what inane gobble-de-gook I can scribble!
_All I really wanted to say was: Wonderfully inspiring verse, Lorraine! _m

ArleneWKW said...

Your words here feel sad and, unfortunately, resonate with me (not all the time or comprehensively, but in a very hurt little corner that cannot be ignored).

The Dark Lord said...

Wise words there.. "Intellect" is for sure one of the many "layers" of facade that shroud our inner Self.. that permeates illusion into the core of our being.. What wouldn't we give to be able to shrug off the stifling cloak and break into pure, unadulturated and untrammelled soulful merriment!
Its always a wonderful break to come visit your blog and read your works.. Besides having such a rich literary content, by way of being so eloquent, they coax and tease the grey cells to induce some really remarkable thought processes!

standley said...

L'important n'est-il pas de savoir où se trouvent nos vérités et nos points de repère qui nous permettent d'avancer? Le reste est du relationnel qui certes n'est pas facile à gérer, mais au moins avons-nous le choix!
Tout cela est bien philosophique...

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

We experience everything in our head. The stuff that causes emotional pain too. If we didn't know about it, we wouldn't feel the pain. As soon as we know, bam. We hurt. Or we have joy. Or whatever. Or it's late and I'll shut up now.

Lorraine said...

Well put Brian, luckily from what I've learned so far is although we all become one, we retain that one spark of individuality that makes you so cherished by the whole. I'm comforted by that ;)

And that is the truth Timoteo,thanks very much for your encouragement :)

Oh but Ralf I always want to hear what you have to say, feel free to expand ;) and thank you very much!

LOL _m and I rather admire your gobble-de-gook...anyone who can say that is A-OK with me ;)

I get you Arlene and I miss you terribly, ps I signed up WW on-line yesterday, made me hope you were doing better than I am ;)

Haaaa The Dark Lord you put to shame with your elegant and eloquent prose, I think you rock ;)

C'est vrai Richard, tant de point de vue pour le même but...merci pour ton bon sens :)

I don't want you to shut up Lynne 'bam. We hurt.'
I like that!!! so, so true

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is good to be alone, but others we need one another. Part of the reason why blogging nis so healing, because we can reach out and touch one another in small ways.

The Dark Lord said...

I dont know that I rock :) but thanks for saying it anyway!

ArleneWKW said...

I'm not doing WW, but I've been making good food decisions since Nov. 25. One of these days I'll get around to blogging about it. I got to a really outrageous weight and have gotten rid of about 10 lbs. of it.

Maxine said...

This pic is beautiful! The poem is devastating, but oh, so true.

Lorraine said...

Dolce, indeed, and shut the door when we need to be alone ;)

Dark Lord, you do and thank you :)

Dear Arlen I did for 2 days and then cancel, just can't get into it, no matter the effort. You know I think we should revise this idea of losing weight, first you deprive yourself completely, then you starve, then you lose the weight and you like shopping again, but you're too broke, then you stress about not gaining it back. You know what, it's not worth it, it's just not. Sorry I also left Facebook, eventually it always gets to me...But I'd love to see you back on blogger though, hang tough sweety x

Thanks a lot Maxine, I appreciate your visit ;)