Friday, July 10, 2009

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Devika said...

You surprised me, Lorraine...i was wondering these days how people see different things in the same person,

the first ofcourse pull their own hair unnecessarly...i am very much the second type -- every bit of life's turn surprises me -- atleast for a moment ( i do love that) and hence i too look forward, to a certain extent,

btw, who's that guy? he looks very interesting...a journalist/reporter/ photographer?

and a classic b/w photo, Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

Yes, I love surprises, well at least in the morning ;) THAT guy is the MAILMAN lol

Devika said...

hahaha! :))

oh he is so smart-- from the back, i mean :)

i've a photographer and freelance reporter here who looks like that.. :)


Lorraine said...

Dev they say (I haven't figured out who 'they' are yet, that everyone has a 'sosie' a double somewhere ...wouldn't that be fun

RBroeker said...

Angst is supposed to be a German word. Mmmh, sometimes I think we fill mankind with strepitous words for the dark side of life (like Blitzkrieg and so on):

Anyway, interesting verse, good picture.

Best wishes

Devika said...

oh yes! :-)

and I have a neighbour back in Kerala who goes to wrong places -- i should say a bar is the 'wrong place' for the family -- and if someone said he was seen there...he tries to escape saying there are seven people in world who are lookalikes :))

a double is more than a look alike, oh just imagining the fun :)


Lorraine said...

I like that Ralf, thanks for the link, I loved the info, now do tell, what does 'strepitous' mean, I love learning new words, but that one is not in my dictionnaries??? I know strep throat is it a new derivation or a medical one? this mind wants to know :)

Well then Dev, wherever my lookalikes are, I hope they're raising the good kind of trouble..and yes dear there are good kinds of trouble ;) lol

Devika said...

i love certain kinds of trouble...friendly ones ;-)


Devika said...

and ah...strepitous means 'noisy', Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

Oh lol too good Dev, you are quite the girl lol

RBroeker said...

Dev, yes. That's how I know that word. (And when it is used, it usually has a link to mouth or chewing ;-).

Best wishes

Cindybrown said...

Lorraine I love this, I love the way you see it and it is so true! I get that same excitement from text messages on my cell phone! The little red light flashes and I can not wait to see who it is from ! Ha.

Laure said...

i really like how you've brought out perspective ... not everything is black and white. great juxtaposition.

Lorraine said...

Thanks for your input Ralf lol

We sure do love our suprises don't we CindyB, it's always welcome...and what a nice suprise to see you here lol

Thanks Laure, that's a wonderful comment ;)

Brian Miller said...

yes, i look forward to the mail man every day. maybe i will get something other than the junk. but my boys enjoy the junk, they know it is for them and they ue it to play, color and reseal and send to each other. i guess in some way that is recycling.

have a great weekend!

Kathy said...

I think my feelings of high expectations that accompany the postman's appearance every day go back to my early days on the farm when we didn't have a phone or close neighbors and that was our best form of communication with the rest of the world. And there is always a chance that he may be delivering a little surprise!

T.Migratorius said...

What a delightful picture and verse. Of course after my initial thoughts of your happiness to be receiving mail, my mind instantly went...hmmm, I wonder if the mailman is her special package? I was wondering if love was coming to call. Apparently your poem is more innocent than that!

Have a wonderful day Lorraine!


Anonymous said...

You have completely touched on my obsession with the mail, so you know I love it this one Lorraine. :) He has nice calves. ;)

Timoteo said...

I'm a good kind of trouble.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I'm assuming you are talking about the mailman's legs.

standley said...

J'adore cette photo Lorraine. Chez moi le facteur est plutôt porteur de factures, et parfois d'agrèables surprises! D'où l'intêret de le guetter.

Lorraine said...

Brian, lol the joy of children and junk mail, love it lol thanks always for the visit :)

Kathy, oh well you understand the true preciousness of the mail delivery, I love it :)

Robin, what a lovely thought, thank you, but he's young enough to be my son lol ;)

Hey Val, you too? well I gotta say I'm suprised and delighted that I'm not the only one thanks so much!

Timoteo, seriously? You're a mailman? how delightful lol

Oh no Lynne did I write Male instead of Mail? you'll laugh but when i was younger I had a friend who had just found a job in a mail room, ok I was young and keeping in mind my English wasn't as fluent as it is now, but I thought she was lucky to work in an environment with only men...and I'm not kidding lol

Richard, j'ai éliminé les factures et je les paient par Internet maintenant, pas bête,n'est-ce pas,non seulement j'aide à conserver les arbres MAIS je sais que si il y a du courrier les chances sont bonnes que ce soient de belles surprises lOL merci!

namaki said...

splendides mollets )) ;-))

The Dark Lord said...

You come up with these brilliant little snippets which make us ponder about everyday, average eventualities! Its rare to come across poetic lines which make one think or feel differently about such stuff.. thank you for sharing.. its always a pleasure reading your work!!

Lorraine said...

Namaki!!! lol ;)

Wow, that's such a sweet thing to hear, thanks TD Lord ;)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

oh my goodness!!!!!! you just reminded me of something!!! pleas e-mail me soon.

Siam said...

Portrait de rue comme j'aime ce genre de photo spontané très bon Lorraine

Lorraine said...

Not my intention here sweety, no worries, I think Fall is a lovely time to get that kind of suprise, don't you think? lol

Merci beaucoup Allan, as-tu reçu de belles surprises?