Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Devika said...

WOW! wonderful photo and verse, Lorraine :)

If burnt, be it at the core....great experience that is...and fine and refined poetic words such as these will be the result...lovely, Lorraine :)


Brian Miller said...

i should just say, what devika said. olay with fire and you might get burned, feaR The fire you'll be forever cold.

Devika said...

Lorraine...just thinking of Brian's comment --"feaR The fire you'll be forever cold." --

so much truth/reality in that!
but then if one holds the fire inside....will he/she stop burning??
i thinks poets/writers are such people -- no?


gautami tripathy said...


The Dark Lord said...

Stunning picture... and the words sparkle delightfully.. Insightful comments by Brian and Devika.. but then we all have a burning fire at the core which warms our soul!

Gillena Cox said...

the fire,the life, of this beautiful blossom; captured by you in this haiku moment; how lovely of you to share it with us

much love

Laure said...

the pairing here is really stunning, Lorraine.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Really beautiful and words to warm a winter night. I'll save them.

standley said...

Un beau texte collant parfaitement à cette superbe image Lorraine! Bravo à toi.

magiceye said...


Lorraine said...

Thanks Dev for the beautiful comment ;)

Very nice, Brian, sorry i didn't get to visit you yesterday, I got hooked on a book lol

Dev, I think so too ;)

Hey Gautami, I missed your last post, oh the heat is affecting my brain ;) I'll be there soon

Hey Dark Lord, true indeed, unfortunately when you're not wise enough to understand the fire, you will burn ;)

and how lovely for you to say so Gillena ;)

Thanks for the compliment Laure, it is very much appreciated ;)

Well thanks my dear Lynne, and I'll save all your 'titles' re other blog lol

Merci Richard, je suis bien contente que tu me visites ici :)

Magiceye, oh and so true lol, thanks ;)

AA.F said...

Tu as un penchant sur la couleur rouge couleur du Canada, photo en suspend.

Lorraine said...

Ha oui? je ne m'en étais pas aperçu lol merci AA.F :)

Ken said...

Great words and image Lorraine. I can really feel the emotion pouring out of this. And don't be too hard on me, but I just wish the words were placed a bit different ly to not obscure the center either upper right or lower right. :) Peace.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well done!

Lorraine said...

I think it's a great suggestion Ken and I always appreciate suggestions, thanks for doing so :)

Thanks a lot Andrew :)