Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Innocence - published every Aug 26 as it was inspired by my son

Leaves in the tree
Trace the outline
of your face
Its innocence forever etched
In the shadows of the leaves

I see it sway
Develop with the breath
Of the wind
But innocence returns
If I look away

From any angles
You're never changed
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Devika said...

What a stunning photograph....lovely, just not enough with it! :)


Devika said...

Is it his birthday today?
anyway, my best wishes to him, too


Lorraine said...

thanks so much Dev and yes it's my son's birthday today, he is 22, and I will transmit your good wishes, thank you my friend :)

Devika said...

Good wishes remain always, dear...
Now let it be a Happy Birthday :)


Gabriela said...

The image is wonderful, those warm colours make me trepidate with impatience.I saw the first yellow leaves in a tree the other day.....
The poem is beautiful, Lorraine at her very best! (It makes me wonder if we are ever innocent......are we?)

Brian Miller said...

so beautiful...

i think we all see justwhat you described so perfectly written on our childrens faces even in the most trying of circumstances...

hope your boy has a great birthday!

Kathy said...

So lucky to have you as a Mom, I'd say! I love the way you celebrate his birthday as much as he does! So sweet.

The Dark Lord said...

Please wish him a belated birthday from me.. 22.. To think, we're of the same age!! I wish him all the best, and hope he has a wonderful year ahead... And yeah, I'd say he's so lucky to have you as his mom.. he must be a charming young gentleman!

namaki said...

what a nice poem ! are the leaves already gold by you ?

Kristin Riggs said...

Hope your son's birthday is wonderful. :)
Autumn leaves always take me back to my more innocent childhood days for some reason. I love the season and I have so many wonderful memories associated with it. Lovely poem and picture!!!

Lorraine said...

Gabriela, oh yes My dear friend, we are all innocence deep down...;)

Thanks very much Brian, you're very sweet :)

Kathy, that's lovely, thanks so much :)

TDl, that is so sweet, thanks very much, he's a sweetie lol

Hey Namaki, nope not yet, it was just the photo I had orginally chosen for the poem merci beaucoup!

I hope so to Kristin, fall is my favourtie season's not quite here yet lol

Janice Thomson said...

I have always loved this piece - for me it is one of your best and a very inspired poem. Timeless chère amie.

Seraphine said...

i hated being innocent. mostly innocence embarrassed me, so i tried to grow up as fast as i could.
happy birthday to your son! you sound very proud of him.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Beautiful. Happy Birthday to your boy.

PS I'm not ready for fall leaves.

standley said...

Superbe Lorraine. Joyeux anniversaire à ton fils!

Lorraine said...

Thanks sweetie that and a moment in time lol ;)

I am, very very proud of him,t hanks Seraphine ;)

Lynne, thanks a lot sweetie, I am but it's not that way yet I promise ;)

Merci beaucoup Richard :)

gautami tripathy said...

Your love shows through..

Lorraine said...

I like that, thanks Gautami :)