Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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Devika said...

talking to a dictionary, Thesaurus or what?? :))

anyway, nice work, Lorraine :)
hold your breath a little for are among one i lean to, :)


gautami tripathy said...

Words matter veen when those are hovering in the air.

Like this!

Brian Miller said...

wonderful words whispered in your ear as you float are amazing. smile.

Michael Rawluk said...

Words always seem to be your friend.

Maxine said...

Ah, but words are everything, Lorraine :)

Ken said...

Greta mix of wheat, dandelions and prose.

The Dark Lord said...

Very powerful verse.. Reminds me of the lyrics for "Words are all I have..." For sure, the power of words arent to be underestimated!

Lorraine said...

Dev, imagine that, the entire universe a Lexicon, it's crazy lol thanks somuch :)

Gautami, neat comment ;)

I like that Brian, I love words lol :)

Words Michael, are my best friends :) thanks always

They are, I know you know Maxine

I like Greta ;) thanks very much Ken !

The Word started it all didn't it tDL, love words ;)

RBroeker said...

Good picture. And I love lines 4,6 and 7. To me that be enough ... and a great haiga.

Best wishes

Timoteo said...

Ready to take flight with the wind.

Lorraine said...

Thanks very much Ralf, and those line would have been sufficient, but somehow like 1 was essential to get me going ;)

Thanks very much Timoteo :)