Monday, September 7, 2009

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Devika said...

First i thought it was too touching Lorraine...the urge to write propelling one to live...that made me think....Now it inspires me to live and to write :)

& i loved this, dear
(I am off from writing for this month though...going home :))


Cindybrown said...

I love this one so much!! The writing is the meds we sometimes need just for survival:) Love always to you!!

Ken said...

Whew! Lorraine, at first I thought this was a "back to school" theme and I got nervous. :) Glad it was something much more appealing.!

Michael Rawluk said...

Just think, in a hundred years someone will find those books.

Brian Miller said...

ha. you know some days i am the same way...a way to look at it is to live a life worth writing about. each day. hope you have a great one!

Timoteo said...

So true. Is there a better reason?


Janice Thomson said...

I'm living life but not so sure I should write about it LOL. But should anyone read these down the road won't they be fascinated by your stories!

Magyar said...

Ah-Ha... ! Lorraine, you've found my desk!
__Old books, my passion... and in my pocket sized marble notebook, the scribblings that spill out of my mechanical pencil.
__You've struck a bell! _m

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

And what you write will live. Possibly forever.

standley said...

L'écriture est un art que je ne possède pas, mais toi tu as ce talent et je t'admire!
Très belle photo.

Anonymous said...

Surtout je n'arrête pas crier non pas pour toi d'écrire de belle chose ou simplement du bonne recette de cuisine.Je ne sais pas si tu aime les livres, je pense que oui, alors si tu li en ce moment bonne lecture Lorraine. Allan

Devika said...

Lorraine, no post today??
hope all is fine with you,


Lorraine said...

Hey Dev, the only thing that will pick me up from the floor oh and photography too ;)

You've said it CindyB, and isn't it a Grace from God to have some talent lol

Ken, I use to adore Sept, going back to school buying books and learning stuff...sorry to have scared you though lol

Well now Michael, hope it finds its way to a person who has an inner craziness you know ;)

Brian, it was a hard-working spiritual life full of questions until I died at 42...the worker that is...long story lol

None, I'm glad you get that Timoteo lol

Janice, well if it has to survive let it be in the hands of someone who might get something out of it, by that I mean understand it lol

Magyar, as you have, you always do, those notes those old journals, new ones, old inked-out pen, they're a must in the world I need, thank you for your words always

Longer than I will for sure, or maybe it will die in a fire, as decreed by God, ok I felt a little dramatic right there lol

Richard, tu viens de m'offrir le plus beau bouquet de fleurs, que dire? merci :)

Je lis surtout ma vie, celle où je vivais ;) et j'adore la lecture lol merci Allan, problème d'ordi non résoud?

Dev, there is a post today, inspired by you, thank you for your constant caring :)

Devika said...

Oh i loved that, Lorraine :)

Lorraine said...

I'm glad you do and I thank you again, ;)

enzah said...

wow... an inspiration for me... its a real dedication for something very important in your life.. i can imagine you writing with those notebooks n pens,.

Lorraine said...

They're almost all full Enzah lol thanks very much!

Allan Alexandre said...

Toujours pareil je travail av mon phone pas très pratique .

GABRIELA said...

Words and image marry so well! What a happy feeling!To live in order to be able to write about there anything BIGGER than that?!

Lorraine said...

Oh oublie pas de m'avertir de ton retour cher Allan :)

Oh my, you do get that, Lady Gabriela ;) thanks so much!