Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I was afraid to leave the house
So I made work my second home
I was afraid of driving
So I drove faster
I was afraid of getting lost
So I chose safe roads
I was afraid of not controlling events
So I walked alone
I was afraid of being hurt
So I danced away
I was afraid of Life
So I stopped breathing


Devika said...

on whose breath did you write this?? okay?:))

kidding Lorraine, wonderful poem, Lorraine...and a fine picture to go with :)

sounds like me in tits and bits,
but then I am not afraid of any of these things normally.....if others takes things in equal stride :)


Lorraine said...

it was on mine, all have to trust in life if you want to breathe ;) Thanks Dev!

Devika said...

In God alone I trust...
i can give away my breath for a toss!!


Devika said...

Don't take my words as harsh, Lorraine....its just my mood...I was talking with myself since morning :)

was not in a mood to write...else it would have made some kind of a poem,


Magyar said...

... I was afraid of death;
... I took a deeper breath.


eddie said...

It's very good poem
it's almost about me

Janice Thomson said...

I wonder how many live in fear of one thing or's a harsh blow to the ego when it finally realizes life continues on whether it participates willingly or not.
Many things to ponder when reading this...

Devika said...

Magyar's comment is interesting, so is Janice's....

and on Janice's comment....i think only those with a higher ego do its always to participate in life howsoever it comes.....i know, only a few can do that..

Lorraine, you do that to a good extent, so do I.....Not even a single day could i set myself aside fully....even when life was playing all sorts of games with me, in the real and virtual world!

could we do anything about others??
i so wish so many who stand aside to join....BUT, it ends as just a wish!

And yes, LIFE MOVES ON.....That was lesson taught to me here in the first few months of blogging....though I knew it before....and today those who taught me -- hey, what to say of others!!

Lorraine, thanks for allowing this blabber :)

Ken said...

No, don't be afraid....I will walk with you.

Brian Miller said...

whew...sad but true, to see, and be...thankful to still be breathing...

Frank Williams said...

Lovely picture - interesting words...

namaki said...

breathe ! you are alive !!! ;-)

Cindybrown said...

Oh sweetie sometimes I think you and I have a lot in common:) Right now I am really feeling it.

ArleneWKW said...

This is rich with meaning and the accompanying photo is compelling.

the gypsy said...

Very thoughtful poem - and the picture is fitting. Negative stuff like fear, anger and not breathing go together - sometimes you have to remind yourself to just breath. It's a very good reminder to stop and take in life.

Timoteo said...

Very poignant, Lorraine...your personal Appointment in Samarra?

Lorraine said...

Not breathing is very unpleasant Dev, that is unless you die, than not breathing becomes normal ;) don't worry so much!

_m, let me count the ways on how much i love that, well done, thanks :)

Hey Eddie, I'm sorry if it is, but we all share a broken heart :)

Oh Janice oh I agree, we human beings take ourselves soooo seriously, but the broken hearts are real :)

Oh Dev, lawyers must have huge egos to practice, that's the way of the world, but Janice is right we do take ourselves oh so seriously ;) blab on anytime, I can take it!

You have a kind heart Ken, thank you :)

You know it Brian ;)

thanks always Frank :)

I like that Namaki, breathe you're alive, oh yeah lol

Cindyb, it's an understanding that comes at a harsh price, n'est-ce pas my friend?

Thanks very much for your visit Arlene :)

Thanks for your very accurate comment Gypsy, ah to be a gypsy ;)

Timoteo, thank you we all made that appointment, didn't we and probably yearned for it then...:)

Devika said...

See Lorraine, its when the world takes us so lightly that one tends to be serious....and I think anyone has that right,

Janice could be right...but its not on another's terms that people participate in life,

And no body ever really minds how another's life is going....that too is a way of the world,

anyway, thanks again for me i feel the need for an exchange sometimes and I am grateful you accomodate that,


White Forest said...

hope u r allright and everything is goin fine!

wonderful poem :)

Lorraine said...

Dev, whichever way we look at it, our life on earth if one hell of an experience ;)

It's all for a good cause WhiteForest, love the name you chose,now I have to go see what you post, and thanks very much!

Devika said...

One big hell, Lorraine....and amid that poets like you bring magic on some days, like your poem today :)


Lorraine said...

Thanks always Dev ;)

RBroeker said...

You didn't. And you were right.

Best wishes

Lorraine said...

Thanks very very much Ralf :)