Friday, October 23, 2009

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Michael Rawluk said...

That photograph must be viewed large to appreciate it. A real beauty.

Devika said...

Yes...knowing its in the nowhere land that magic lies....BUT i always loved when someone is driving at 40-60 kmph and to see the scenes...but slower than that is testing :)

Beautiful photo, Lorraine :)


RBroeker said...

So fell the trees ... some people say in the Eastern part of our country, where you still find wonderful alleys. What about driving slowly or stopping by and have a rest?

Nice one, Dev.

Best wishes

Brian Miller said...

going too fast on their way to see, they missed the magic around them...beautiful pic!

Lorraine said...

Thanks very much Michael, I wanted so much to take my time and take it all in, but the traffic was too quick, i had to go faster and all those beautiful colours were a blur..

You can't see anything at 40 to 60 dear Dev, just a blur :)

I would have loved too, but the traffic speed didn't let me...

That's just it Brian, can't enjoy a slow ride lol

comrade harps said...

I read it that the drivers are driving to thier own technological or financial magic, which ultimately comes from the earth.

A metaphor then


Magyar said...

___Never ignore the hidden path! And Yes, Michael, the larger view draws the great ledge more closely to the eye.
___The long road to magic... is, in my mind, the promise of something new around each corner, without overlooking that which is there. ___Grand photo, and words to match! _m

Devika said...

You got it wrong about my eyes, dear Lorraine.....40 I see 60 it begins to blur...even then its enjoyable...mine is fish eye! :))


Lorraine said...

Yes indeed Comrade ;)

Always enjoy your words and poetry _m

lol sweet Dev, I can't see distance lol