Monday, October 26, 2009

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Devika said...

Oh yes..I made it....ha! that was my trial with my computer! :))

Yeah...this darkness...if we had a Moon which radiated light we would never had to have darkness...or if the earth was flat and not that Sun could manage it all....Now poor fellow has to be both in the east and the west...and not so easy :)

But then, thats how the universe is.... then we can always have the inner light...this Universe is for all..every one has a share and should know to share it equitably :)

well this buck buck is not going to seems....b'coz you know my interest in that topic :)

Darkness and lightning...I am scary of both...darkness more, lightning leaves me thrilled :)


Maxine said...

Aaah. This is both ominous and insightful. We imagine around us what we feel inside of us.

Devika said...

And now I look at the photo again, Lorraine....I see only light much as to see my way through :)

great choice of words and picture, Lorraine.....You posed the most pertinent question at the right time :)


comrade harps said...

You mean the earth's not flat?

Brian Miller said...

and then turn on the light...smiles.

happy monday L!

Lorraine said...

Dev, and yet...there is nothing to fear...and still I fear ;)

Maxine, perfectly put :) thanks so much!

Thanks again, sweet Dev :)

Comrade, depends if you're horizontal or not :)

Happy Monday to you to dear Brian :)

Devika said...

What to fear, Lorraine ??
have a torch in hand...or if swimming a working head light :))

My system recovered from a total crank (much like me!) :)


Magyar said...

The Dark stares back, its only fear... the light.


firebird said...

Oh, Lorraine, this is SO cool! I love that the photo is not dark, but the text makes it ominous, just like the concept you express so well--even the typeface is perfect for the thought!
This one will definitely stay with me...

Lorraine said...

A Torch is always good and romantic and you're so funny cranky Dev lol

Hmmm Yes _m I agree, and thank you, always

Thank you for your wonderful comment sweetbird, did you post today? you know I check everyday ;)

The Dark Lord said...

Uh... but hadn't darkness already been there??
And, why fear it, indeed?

Lorraine said...

We created the inner dark tDL, and we fear our creation ;)