Thursday, October 29, 2009

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Devika said...

It is really our lack of understanding, no Lorraine?

Anyway, the hesitation seem to stay worries, if we are granted time,

wonderful photo for the words, Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

I always enjoy your interpreation Dev, thanks a lot

Devika said...

i love your way of seeing :)
(its just for an exchange that i twist :))

Brian Miller said...

are you trying to say i am a little slow on the uptake? smiles.

RBroeker said...

Fantastic picture. And an idea which i worth to think abour. This set is more then the addition of the parts: just imagine this phrase on an iceberg ...

Best wishes

Magyar said...

Mental exercise, or is it exorcise?

Another tease for the imagination! _m

Standley said...

L'hésitation nous permet de réfléchir et de prendre la bonne décision en toute sérénité.
Ta photo est superbe Lorraine!

Sam!! said...


Take care

Lorraine said...

Never stop twisting Dev ;)

LOL not yours Brian, never ;)

Hmmm that would be priceless Ralf, great idea I don't iceberg, but I do have ice, worth republish with ice..thanks for the idea, it's super!

I'll try anything to understand _m dear :)

J'aime bien ton interpretation Richard :)

Thanks Sam, I appreciate it :)

The Dark Lord said...

Just.. WOW
I really have no words for this!

Lorraine said...

Speechless is always good tDL ;)