Monday, October 19, 2009

There is dissonance
Between what I hear
And what I see

I hear truth
Only from nature


Devika said...

Very true words, Lorraine....and a lovely photo.....Its nature that always settles my mind, when i lose it,

& I think that dissonance you said should be taken in the right spirit...when many are trying to achieve a balace, dissonance occurs perhaps


Devika said...

to achieve a balance, i meant :)


Brian Miller said...

nature only gives what it has, not what you expect...i resonate with nature and need to get away to her sometimes.

Timoteo said...

Such wisdom from the mouth of a "babe." :)

Cindybrown said...

Wonderful as always!!!

Magyar said...

Nature's truth
Hides along the brook edge,
And lingers in the tree, each pool,
...on each limb,
To us, it speaks free.

Nina said...

What a great picture of a path with shadow and sun. Many see first the shadow here, the others the sun. This is so interesting. I think, everybody has its own truth, we see things in different ways...
A good thing is, having the same truth, truth as an essential element... so, like you say from our nature ( I hope I've said correctly in English what I mean, it's not so :)


Kristin Riggs said...

Nature is so raw and honest...what an inspiration. Love this!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I am so very lucky, I have a righteous husband who helps me stay "somewhat" grounded and I hear truth from him. And from God through the scriptures and his sending peace to my soul. I am so very, very lucky.

Devika said...

Lorraine, where are you??


Paco Díaz said...

Hello, Lorraine, how are you today?
Missing you at Aminus.

Lorraine said...

Wise words my Dev :)

I like that Brian, thanks ;)

Hey Timoteo, the 'babe' has grown up, but thanks a lot

Thanks a lot CindyB ;)

_m you constently amaze me, wow :)

You've said it beautifully Nina and thank you for being here :)

Thanks so much Sweet Kristin :)

Good for you Lynne, I'm not opening myself up enough, which is a shame, I could hear better ;)

Dev, you know where I am ;)

Hello Paco,how lovely to see you here, thanks very much!