Thursday, October 15, 2009

What if we went back to our roots
Erased disbelief, banned doubt
Threw them to the wind
Took back our Garden
And became Humanity.


Devika said...

GREAT thoughts, Lorraine :)
BUT I have my doubts and reservations....though its easy to say I HOPE we could,

I thought humanity was a good thing to believe in before...But then I's shown otherwise when i became a believer in God....God alone,

Now i mix love for humanity and God to see if it proves....afterall nothing to lose or gain!

Love i think is a strong emotion that can restore our hearts...But it often works in duality with hate because humans cannot keep off doubt in an other...and it ruins the self/soul!

I think God (not religion..the power we call God) is a strong anchor to place things back...

for non-believers, i do not know how they do-drift like a leaf in the wind, as some one said,

anyway, now let me wind up saying...Lets hope we 'take back our Garden
And became Humanity' :)

Beautiful picture, Lorraine :)


Brian Miller said...

doubts not a bad thing, id keep it around. to remember who we are as humanity...would be nice.

Devika said...

ha! I like Brian's perspective....sounds reasonable, to me :)

i think this post is too engaging and interesting to read others point of view :)


gautami tripathy said...

even when individuals
hues merge
humanity gushes forth

comrade harps said...

What if? Then I think that we would loose our humanity to a gormless existance.

Anyway, we evolved with both disbelief and doubt because they are useful.

Lorraine said...

Since we are 'of God' shouldn't we be as loving? Dev?

Agreed Brian that doubt is very human, since the world isn't at peace, I say let's drop doubt!

Brian is intelligent wise and very smart, yet full of doubt, this wonderful human being ;) Dev

That's what I've been reading lol thanks Gautami :)

Gormless existance my foot...diversity in peace is better than diversity at war, you think we are more evolved now? really? Disbelief and doubts which I myself have too much of, is useless...

Devika said...

You doubt my love! haha!!
this is exactly what i i don't really mind if mankind loves me or not...when i'm in doubt, i get God's messages that He loves me....thats enough for me to pull on...

well, but i have many people loving me....and you have my love, Lorraine :)


Devika said...

In fact i just don't pull on...there are instances when i jump in joy :)


comrade harps said...

You are assuming that in our roots that we had no disbelief and no doubts. We created Gods because we had were uncertain and doubted the future. We have invented afterlives as a means of disbelieving in the finality of death.

RBroeker said...

I am afraid that being human means to destroy and to abuse the reservoirs we've borrowed from our children. What about becoming part of a somehow peaceful balance?

Best wishes

Magyar said...

__Perhaps if we give back the garden... we can once again become... human.
__Lorrain, that isn't as contrary to your verse as it may seem. Giving back, as we see fit and not ordered so to do... may be one key to re-gaining the humanism we have lost.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Let's do it. I want conficence too.

comrade harps said...

Time to gently lay your earth fowling computers to rest, pop on a biodegradable loin cloth and start swinging from the trees, then.

Lorraine said...

Ha Dev, you have mine too :)

Comrade, tsk tsk Gods? and you believe in the finality of Death, yikes, sometimes, honestly i wish I did believe in the finality of Death, it seems so tiring to live over and over again. Hey If we could be born once, and that's a miracle, why couldn't we be born twice...

Ralf peaceful balance sounds pretty darned good to be :)

I agree _m, I'd take conscience over duty anyday ;)

LOL wow I get one vote of confidence, I like it Lynne ;)

Well comrade, bananas are good for you, are there any trees left?

magiceye said...

what a lovely thought!
i wish i wish i wish!!!!

but then as they say if wishes were horses we would have no horse races .. :)

Lorraine said...

I love the way you think magiceye let the horses free lol

comrade harps said...

Love bananas.

Lorraine said...

me too comrade, ever spread peanut butter on one, delicious...I tried Nutella too (hazelnut and chocolate spread) but it doesn't spread smoothly like peanut butter...thought you'd like knowing that!

Maxine said...

What if indeed...I suspect if that happened, the world would be a lot more like your blog...comforting, honest and calm. x