Saturday, November 28, 2009


Some live their pain
Quietly with dignity
Some scream loud to allay the fear
Others sob quietly

There are loudmouths
And uncouth beings
Some restrained and understanding

There are those who will advertise
Their pain out of context
Will push it for others to see

Some will remain mute and live in shadows

Doesn't make you better
To suffer differently

To each his own tomorrow


Devika said...

Well, at the end of the God says give your pains to me and i feel so much strength, so much even to wipe off someone else's also.....

btw, I came to blogging for some fun...Now i think, its a pain industry at work here!! Buying and selling pain in the most irrational of ways :)

anyway, you have said it well, Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

A writer writes ...doesn't really matter how many times one erases words, they haunt until they're put down, that is the way, no other way, or you can lie to yourself, ignore it, and pay the price ;)

Devika said...

That's you Lorraine....YOU are free to be what you are....I don't mean to say I am much different...but then, I am the master as far as I have the choice to chose my reality! :)



Lorraine said...

I just write, I don't analyze..I couldn't even if I wanted too, which honestly I don't, but hey if you want to buy any of this, hey I'd sell :)

Devika said...

I understand Lorraine....I analyse -- I am an engineer and a lawyer simulatenously...and its gone too much into my blood :)

well, online buying is something i never did...but here-- do I need to buy? You said i was always free to have it if I wanted :)


Devika said...

Well, i must say...this analysing me have not done good with me as a writer....that I myself score off most of what i write as useless stuff!

One reason why I don't try to publish my works in my name....But yes, I have got paid for them as a professional freelance writer...but then they take it with the copyright! :)



Lorraine said...

Oh Dev, mademoiselle analytical, I'm just pulling your leg, sweetie, take what you want :)

Devika said...

haha! Lorraine -- I just have to blow it up when someone would say, You got to suffer it!

My foot!! I'm not just willing to suffer anything anyone would thrust on simple as that....I got to give it back...And with friends I take that freedom...others, I write it and burn that paper to hell! :)



Lorraine said...

Now now Ms Lawyer who said anything about you or anyone else having to suffer, I said we suffer differently...if you don't suffer and never have you're either a saint (sorry i don't buy that) or a psychopath :)

Devika said...

Yes, I understand -- I have suffered, done that enough until when finally i turned to God...Now, nothing hurts me as much as it should..if you see the humanistic aspect of it...Solution is what i look out for :)

And yes, I am a piscean -- what they call a saint and sinner rolled into one :)

psychopath -- well I am trying to find that out! and as one who analyses the ways of the mind and the world -- its easy to become one :)


Brian Miller said...

a lovely dischord on saints and psychopaths...and i rather like the piscean label suffering has the amazing ability to bring people together. two people, like suffering, they will find each other. sometimes this is good, sometimes this is that suffering their own tomorrow would be so great if they could make it out of today...

Lorraine said...

Well I know personally I'd love to be able to read your stuff and leave comments, but you like to be wanted, tsk tsk DEV...

I chuckled Brian, super comment, thanks Dean ;)

Devika said...

haha! I can only laugh at this!

& yes, i feel so wanted that i had to close myself! :(


Michael Rawluk said...

I am constantly amazed by what bubbles through your mind and the photos that accompanies it all.

Gillena Cox said...

seem pain is the common denominator in your poem
and stately correctly people do handle their pain differently, however many spiritual thinkers and as well the Christian ethic teaches us to love compassionately even when we are in pain

much love

RBroeker said...

Pain: banner and bane, lust and load, fingerpost and fence, reward and retribution. Pain is neutral. It's the poet, the prayer, the priest, the principal, the person employes, the people, who make it good or bad. Or both.

a cry bans
the dream

Best wishes

Magyar said...

People handle pain (sorrow) differently.

Louis Armstrong, the song: "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows my sorrow."
__I opt... to not spread my sorrows to those I don't know; those that know me, always know.

out as saturn's ring
a dove asks


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Ever heard, "If Momma aint happy, aint nobody happy"? That is me, I think. I don't make people miserable but I don't keep secrets. Everyone knows if I'm sad.

The Dark Lord said...

So true, people bear their pains such differently! And the last bit spake of stark reality...

You really make the words flow.. I just love your short poems, am a big fan of them.. but when, at times, you decide to write longer verses.. you make them awesome!

Standley said...

La douleur qu'elle soit morale ou physique est quelquechose de très personnel. Chacun la ressent et l'exprime à sa manière!

Lorraine said...

Thanks for the wonderful comment Michael :)

I agree Gillena, i find one way to soothe pain is acknowledge it, and then help others :)

Oh Ralf, wow

That is stunning _m

I think you're brave Lynne if find it extremely hard to share pain

tDl that's so beautiful, I thank you for that, and wait eagerly for one of your new post, hint hint :)

Merci pour l'extraordinaire traduction, simple et vrai ;) merci Richard

dumakey said...

You write well and the image you chose to accompny this fits well.
Pain, we all suffer different ways and through suffering great art is born, learning from the past and the pain, if we choose we can become more tomorrow, the keys to the future lay often in the mistakes of the past.
All this talk of pain just reminded me of "Catch 22" made me smile on this misrable sunday evening!

Lorraine said...

Very interesting comment Dumakey, thanks so much for your visit and input :)