Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Brian Miller said...

that last line throws this one into the wind...nice...could not agree more. merry christmas!

Lorraine said...

I knew you would Brian, thanks so much and a Merry Christmas )

Kathy said...

The photo is so great enlarged. Love the street lamps in the back and the snow in the lights. I wish you had a million presents to open! I wish you had mine to open! I'm still fuming!!!

Magyar said...

__Lorraine, to agree with Brian, the last line is the crux of your thought, here, it makes all of the "I want(s)" weightless.
__But: Yes, Lorraine, there is a Santa Clause.

__I wish you a very Merry Christmas! _Doug.

Timoteo said...

God, this is so beautiful--I miss Santa too...where is that fat sucker?

Seraphine said...

i suppose this is where i should say every day is a gift.
i love your little daily inspirations.
merry christmas lorraine.

Standley said...

Petit Papa Noël va t'apporter tout ce que tu désires Lorraine.
Passe de joyeuses fêtes de Noël!

Lorraine said...

Hey Kathy don't fume, you are sweeter to me than any treats you could give x

Thank you Doug, so much for all your beautiful comments and a very merry Christmas x

Just like you Tim, making me sigh and laugh, thanks so much and Merry Christmas x

That's a beautiful comment Sera, Merry Christmas x

Ha oui? Oh ye! lol Merci beaucoup Richard, toujours tres apprecie et un Joyeux Noel x

Gillena Cox said...

Naughty or nice :)
Seasons Greetings dont forget to stop by Lunch Break for The TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS celebration

much love

Lorraine said...

Hey Gillena, I most certainly will lol what are you up too Merry Christmas sweety x