Sunday, December 27, 2009

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Brian Miller said...

a price paid,
a sould saved

Kathy said...


Magyar said...

sun dreams
wish of your return
purple martins

Each life... has it's own mystery. Fine post, here! _m

tagazou said...

Voilà une atmosphére que l'âne apprécie!
Bon dimanche!

Devika said...

Great set here, Lorraine :)

This reminds me of Akhmatova's poem "I have come to take your place, sista"

can we ever solve that mystery? ---
and do you love the idea of substituting some other's mystery?? By God, I can't imagine! :)


ps: I felt like being back...No work today, its an off for us, in lieu of Boxing bored! :)

Standley said...

Tout un chacun a ses mystères et je pense qu'il est bon de les garder!
Superbe photo.

Lorraine said...

Very cool Brian :)

Thanks m'dear Kathy :)

Beautiful Doug, very beautiful :)

Merci beaucoup Tagazou :)

Dev, only once you leave earth :)

Le mystere de la vie et apres...merci beaucoup Richard:)

Devika said...

Thats true....But how can we solve another life's mystery...we can only suppose we solved it, right?


Percy Bisque Silley said...

"Reminds me of wild hickory nuts." (Yule Gibbons)

Also: evokes, "This land is your land/This land is my land" as well as "A penny for your thoughts."

Appropos of your quotation...if I give my life for yours, I will not know your Mystery anymore. So it is not much of a bargain and I would like to give something less generous than my life, if that's OK.

Timoteo said...


Magyar said...

Thank you L,
__But I wonder... why has no one referred to the Purple Martin bird house? There, in that house, may lie another mystery.

Lorraine said...

Dev, we all do eventually, trust me on that x

You can give me a tree Sir Silley, I'd be most grateful :)

My Life for God's, if you get that you're as insane as I am ;)

Didn't we discretely try to cover our foolishness in knowing we could never match its beauty, dear Doug?
of know that we can