Saturday, December 5, 2009

I keep the window open
Wishing that a strong wind
Forces me to shout out loud
Words I no longer care to share
Or long enough to whisper
What I left for the breeze to carry away
That the longer I speak
The less I breathe

I don’t want to talk anymore


Anonymous said...

Another great post, so many days I feel like this, you evoke emotion well with your words, and the images you use suit well.

Lorraine said...

Thanks for the lovely compliment Dumakey, means a lot to me :)

Devika said...

Lovely profile photo, Lorraine :)
And you like Magyar seems in a reposting mode...i have seen this before, I remember :)

And Yes, I too have felt the need to stop talking to breathe more.....But sometimes silence is a torture, not for the silent, for others...I have known that I keep talking even when i know my longevity may be affected :)

good post it is, Lorraine :)


Kathy said...

I hope you will go on talking forever!
I just read the greatest thing in the Nanny Ogg book I just can't be afraid unless you have an imagination! Does that mean that all of us who carry around loads of fear every day have greater imaginations? How about that!

Brian Miller said...

keep talking...we like the whispers we hear...hope the strong wind blows it out of you...smiles. have a great weekend!

Michael Rawluk said...

I love the bleak look of the tree with that broad expanse of water.

Lorraine said...

I had other newer stuff Dev, but I felt like posting this lol

Wow she is making all kinds of sense, isn't she Kathy, seems you've hit on a double x

What a sweet poetic ocmment Brian, thanks always

Thanks very much Michael, very glad you enjoyed the photo :)

GABRIELA said...

Good choice of image for your poem, Lorraine!Though poignant....the beauty stays with the emotion!

Lorraine said...

Thanks for the wonderful compliment Gabriela ;)