Thursday, December 3, 2009

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Devika said...

Very true...i always go back to those moments...when 'the today' has nothing to offer! :)

One such epic moment happened about 13 years ago when i landed in Delhi....The first Keralite guy to whom I said hello on the streets, was to become my husband about two years later...Oh My God...even today morning we spoke of it! Many many epics have gone in this 41 years...don't know what is to come! :)

now what plant is that -- asparagus?
lovely post, Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

Wow that is Epic, isn't that something, thanks for sharing Dev....asparagus? no, Hum I don't know...pretty, I shoot...I have limited knowledge lol

Devika said...

I too have limited knowledge Lorraine - hence the doubt :-)


GABRIELA said...

My dear Lady, 2012 is not that, don't you think that CARPE DIEM is the best choice for us?!

Sam!! said...

Hey Lorraine,

So true... i liked the way you express.. :))

Yes Devika!! there are many epic moments that we all own to cherrish.. may God keep you n all of us blessed with such moments :))

Nice post Lorraine:)


Devika said...

Lorraine a message to Samrina,

Samrina -- I had an other epic 'moment' which lasted for one and half year when I almost reached the doors up there (when i was 22/23)....and then was blown back to earth....since then my terms with God has been, whatever He gives will be seen as a blessing :)


Sam!! said...

Lorraine.. hope you dont mind my words here for Devika regarding her message she left here for me...

Well Devika.. all I can say you are truly blessed.. thats a best way that you are following i must say.. sometimes such epic moments are truly a lifetime learning for us.. i hope your terms with God remain same.. :)

Best Wishes,

Lorraine said...

lol Dev

Good point Lady Gabriela in our true spirit form I know there is no yesterday, no today, no tomorrow, we just are :)

Thanks so much Sam , It's nice to have you Here

Dev and Sam hey sweeties, carry on ;)

Devika said...

Thanks Samrina...and yes, life in itself is a blessing...we realise it only during times we know its going beyond us :)

The time we have lets live loving each other --no, Lorraine, the impartial mediator :))


The Dark Lord said...

This so poignant... I guess we all have experienced some such epic moments to cherish..

Brian Miller said...

and those moments keep answering that question for me...have a great day L!

Magyar said...

__We have all of life... to which we can look back, and know the value there.
__We have all of life... to which we can look forward, and strive.
__We have all of life... today's fulfillment.

Is isn't then; is isnt will be; is, is is; my humble opinion.


Gillena Cox said...

Why indeed?
we are journeying; whre and what we have passed should help us to manage better whatever whenwe get there, i like the way the little stamens resonate the question posed, all pointing towards that bud atthe tip

Standley said...

J'en ai eu des moments épiques dans ma vie et j'aimerais en avoir d'autres.
Ta photo est superbe!

Lorraine said...

Impartial mediator? Sounds grand Dev, it's more a question of non-judgment ;)

Indeed tDL and some not so magnificent, yet crucial

I love your positive attitude Brian, I hope you keep that

_m but then you are a wise wise soul ;) not so me I rebel against myself, I rebel with injustices although I know we created them all...

Gillena, I like that my visitors are wise and smart and know things ;)

Merci beaucoup Richard, j'aime beaucoup tes commentaires, tu n'as pas un blog, des ecritures, poemes, opinions? j'aimerais bien visiter :)

BlueJayEye said...

i like this, it is another way of saying that we are the outcome of all the lessons learned from the past, evolving and maturing is the natural progression of life and if we don't go through it - life is not worth cherishing.

Lorraine said...

Wow I couldn't have said it better myself, I really couldn't have, you are so RIGHT ON BJE x