Friday, December 11, 2009

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Devika said...

Giggle and snow...both suits my mood now! :)

lovely, so much stuff these little kids fun its see small kids moving around :)


Devika said...

But yes, some make us want to lift them up...the more i look at that stretched hand one begins to feel, no? :)


Brian Miller said...

oh how i wish for those snow drops...

Frank Williams said...

Very festive photo Lorraine.We are never sure if we will get snow in England; however in Canada you always do.

Kristin Riggs said...

Love it! :)

Seraphine said...

i am so proud because i've done most of my shopping already. all i need to do is wrap and do some baking. i can't believe it.

Standley said...

Je ne pense pas que l'on aura de la neige cette année, il fait tellement doux!
Bonne journée à toi

Gillena Cox said...

Oh; i love the mood of gigle; so carefree; i have one snowfall experience from a vacation in Brooklyn at one of my sisters; the rest of my Christmases have been Caribbean; i do place that one white Christmas in a very special place in my heart.

Sam!! said...

Beautiful.. loved this one.. :)

Hope you doing well deary.. :)

Take care

Lorraine said...

Yep Dev giggles at Christmas are wonderful :)

I will send you some Brian via my angel of heavy snow fall, I already have 2 feet of snow in the backyard...wait for it ;)

I hope you get enough to make you happy Frank L:)

So glad you did sweet Kristin :)

Me too Sera, but no baking for this gal, it's not nice to poison your family x

Eh bien! Richard je te souhaite de la neige a Noel, ca t'vas?

Gillena and Giggles, you suit each other ;)

Lovely comment dear Sam, thank you :)