Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Lorraine said...

Well I'm not on break, the flu is almost gone, but my sinusitis is harsh and viewing the screen and visiting for a few days I'll shutt off and up lol

eddie said...

I wish you good health :)

Devika said...

well, as far as the words...i love to hide in a crowd...all the way it has been unimaginable! :)

yes, get well soon :)

this is a very pacifying face of yours :)


Sam!! said...

Hi Lorraine,


Get well soon deary.. :))

Keep writing!

Take care.


Frank Williams said...

I wish you better Lorraine...

Kathy said...


Magyar said...

Curl up
deep in the warmth
of blankets and the cats
this cup of coffee and the doze
soft time

Oooo... I just hope you'll soon feel much better, Lorraine! _m

Brian Miller said...

no hiding here...i do hope you feel better soon though.

Karol said...

I wish you better, Lorraine.

- K.

comrade harps said...

sweet misery just walked in

Percy Bisque Silley said...

I thought I warned you about long practise sessions with the nose harp. Can you not take up another instrument? The bass kazoo is one that I often recommend...

Percy Bisque Silley said...

My... just noticed "Comrade Harps." The problem may be that you have made one too many friends who play the nose harp and are under their influence.

You must retire from any nose harp ensemble to which you now belong at once, offering to return to them upon mastery of the bass kazoo.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Eddie, better everyday :)

Thanks Dev, it was a bad photo that i played around with, 't was fun :)

Always Sweet Sam :)

Thanks for the good wishes Frank :)

Kathy, yep that's what I'm doing chuckle!

Gettin' there Brian, better everyday , gosh I hope I'm not a good sick person ;)

Thank you very much Karol :)

There you go Comrade, you charmer!

Thy snorted again Dear Sir Silley, bass kazoo...thy laugh most daintily in a choking sorta way
Comrade Harps doth charm me, thy most afraid...bass Kazoo lol you're killing me...

Standley said...

Meilleure santé à toi Lorraine. Reposes toi bien!

Lorraine said...

Merci beaucoup Richard ;)