Sunday, January 17, 2010

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namaki said...

ça dégèle déja ??? quand même pas ! ;-)

BlueJayEye said...

and soon it will be a habit with Spring and it will be natural (though it may seem deceitful too) but such is any season, full of ambiguities like life.

Devika said...

But isn't that deceitful, Lorraine....given you love spring!....and which of it is finally true?

when it comes down just seeing the moment -- may be one doesn't look into long term truths -- is it?

i was just straight with my thoughts-- nothing against, anyone


Lorraine said...

Oui Namaki et pas mal bizarre...;)

Well put BJE :)

The deceit dear Dev lies in the fact that it almost feels like Spring, so warm, but it's a deceit, because March roars ;)

Devika said...



Percy Bisque Silley said...

O Vile deceitful Sprouts!


Kathy said...

Winter teases us with little meltdowns!

Michael Rawluk said...

All of our snow has disappeared. We have to travel to see snow.

Magyar said...

muddy walkway
this path to the mailbox

Nope, I guess I'll don my boots! Nature fools us. Lorraine, I love your "sprouts decit." Decit sprouts at every turn! _m

Brian Miller said...

it was warm yesterday. only a tease though as it is wet and cool today. what deceit indeed.

Standley said...

Eh oui, même la nature est trompeuse parfois Lorraine!

Lorraine said...

Sir Silley, lol thanks for the chuckles you sexy tri-focaled virile ghost you!

See Kathy that would look lovely along with your photo, you 'sprout' poetry without knowing

Strange indeed Michael, how did that happen?

LOL and I love your flip-flops Doug, I can see it in my mind, it's so cute lol

You know it Brian ;)

N'est-ce pas Richard? merci beaucoup!

Kathy said...

I'm a poet and don't knowit! lol

Lorraine said...

silly lol ;)