Monday, January 25, 2010

Pockets full of dreams
I carry silently
Their voices
Than mine could
ever be

Sin of
Sin of
False Breath of relief
When at first
You destroy
The dream

To appease the
dangerous myth
of liability


Sam!! said...

Sound sad... i believe dreams r to bring new hope in life.. dreams shouldn't be a burden..shouldn't be a liability..

Nicely said.. :))

Take care

Isha Ethera said...

Hope is bullshit. ^^
ha, its an evil word sometimes.

I like this piece. Lovely.

Lorraine said...

Dreams should be followed, although at times it seems impossible, thanks very much Same...

LOL Isha I appreciate your input, I'm going to enjoy seeing your commens here, youg blogs are really, immensely dark and enjoyable lol

Magyar said...

Winter windows, LL.

"to appease the dangerous myth of liability"

__Don't we often set aside our dream... because we see the 'MYTH as the REASON' that that dream cannot be achieved? _m

Brian Miller said...

interesting verse today...dreams do carry liability...if we had to put nothing ont he line for them would they still be dreams. we have to choose to risk it.

Timoteo said...

Lose your dreams/and you will lose your mind
(From "Ruby Tuesday" by the Stones.)

Standley said...

Nos rêves se transforment parfois en cauchemars quand nous nous sentons engagés!

Lorraine said...

_m or maybe we justify the loss to make it less? thanks always Doug :)

Yes we have to choose, and certain justification are absolutely correct, still the lost of that dream might change everything, doesn't that sound serious lol thanks Brian

I love that Sound Ruby Tuesday, i thought it was a Beattle song...shows how much I know!

Oui, absolument oui, merci Richard :)

namaki said...

that ice looks like fire !!!

Lorraine said...

Merci beaucoup namaki :)