Friday, January 22, 2010

There is no illusion
There is no time
I can be everywhere


Brian Miller said...

neat pic. i like the perspective. a little lost on the words. i may need more coffee first.

Devika said...

Thats the truth of life, whether we realise and act, or not,

Wonderful photo for the words, Lorraine :)


ps: Now i will see you sometime first week off February...Going home (Kerala) :)

Gillena Cox said...

there is cyberspace and there is thought, a nice juxtaposition of being, knowing and placement; good thoughts; be warm

much love

Frank Williams said...

A modern sculpture in snow; will have to give the words some thought...

Kathy said...

A layer of snow makes any form look beautiful.

Isha Ethera said...

Do it.

Michael Rawluk said...

If you are everywhere, I just made coffee. Do you want a cup?

Percy Bisque Silley said...

Oh no, oh woes
For truth it be
That all can see:
Snow too comes and goes...

Percy Profundis

Frank: Don't strain that brain of yours, (gentlemanly snort and guffaw...)

Magyar said...

__I'd often considered time an illusion; in time, there is dream... in dream, I can be anywhere.
__This contrary sight, then, agrees with and does not contradict the essence of your words.

__Great picture, a once in a life time scene, Lorraine. _m

Kristin Riggs said...

Really nice photo...good one, L. :)


Standley said...

Viens donc te joindre à moi pour ma promenade du samedi matin. Tu peux faire le déplacement en un clin d'oeil!
Très belle photo.

Lorraine said...

Hey Brian, in the morning I can do anything, unfortunately it doesn't last...I'm moody which explains why sometimes I don't visit, it's neat that you visit me anyway, thanks for that :)

Going Home wonderful, I'll miss you, I wish you had a digital camera and took photos, I would love to see them ;)

Oh la la, I do like that Gillena, thanks very much!

Hey Frank, I feel like I can do anything for a few hours in the morning, it's a wonderful feeling that doesn't last...

I think so too Kathy, well not so much anymore, but yes in principle lol

I like the way you think Isha and thanks for the visit :)

lol Oh gosh Yes Michael, always ready for coffee, althouh technically I can only be everywhere in the morning, so you know, I cream, no sugar thanks very much and absolutely no Instant yuk!!!

Dear Sir Profound, I doth...therefore I'm dotty ;)

That's beautiful Doug, thanks so much :)

Thanks Kristin, always :)

Ooo excellente idee Richard, j'arrive :)