Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Brian Miller said...

always wanted on of those universal translators on star trek...but i see the signs...

Sam!! said...

Nice one!!

Take care

Margie said...

Oh, this is great!
Love it, Lorraine!


Kathy said...

So we decided a groundhog should be a translator!

Frank Williams said...

Nice post, Lorraine. Maybe the best translator in life is one’s own intuition...

Magyar said...

Reading signs
_between they and eye
_that that eye seek, falls away.

Reading signs
_beyond they and eye
_that that eye seek, will stray.

Reading signs
_which are they and eye
_that that eye seek, is today.

Oooo... Now, eye guess, eye need a translator for my gobble-de-gook above; But, LL, eye like your photo and thought... the "Sign Seeker." _m

Devika said...

Nature signs are the only ones written in universal scripts, i what is nature telling to universe or vice-versa? :)

Great sets here, Lorraine..since i was gone...i took two days to read the complete pending :)


magiceye said...

love this

Lorraine said...

Smart guy...can you translate for me Brian? ;)

Thanks very much Sam! :)

Thanks so much Margie :)

lol too funny Kathy, oh heck why not, he's closer to nature than we are ;)

Well put Frank, and I think you may just be right on ;)

I love your trio and your 'Sign Seeker' really Doug, you should post that on your's wonderful :)

Aren't you a sweetie Dev, thanks a lot :)

Hey Magiceye, it's been a while, thanks very much :)