Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Devika said...

If we drift from one wish to doesn't cost a penny....and wishes will remain we ride the fun of life....Not a philosophy to stand by...This is what i have understood from watching people :)

Nice post, Lorraine :)


Magyar said...

__LL... this chimes with another post of today; wishes,-anticipation- "until they appear."
__And the best wishes to you. _m

Brian Miller said...

perhaps it is the anticipation that hurts the most between the wishes...

BlueJayEye said...

wishes are silent prayers, it is when they are heard that they are powerful (does it make sense?)

Gillena Cox said...

wishes are the start of something, expression, desires, prayer, maybe all all of that, but they are definitly creation whispers

much love

Kathy said...

I don't spend much time wishing at this point in my life. There are few things that I need or want except for my family to be safe and healthy.

Percy Bisque Silley said...

When I magnify the picture all the words go away.


So just going by other comments, sometimes I wish I could see the words better on this blog.

Black words against dark background is the worst thing except for the No Words Magnifier.

Lorraine said...

Interesting interpretation Dev :)

Awww Doug, you say the nicest things :)

That is a neglected aspect of it, yet so true, waiting to live later is very anxiety provoking, good one Brian

BJD you not only always make sense, you bring sense out, i like it ;)

What a way you have with words Gillena, oh and sweetie I found a little Gillena, but she's dressed all wrong, so I'm looking for a minituare t-shirt and jeans ;)

I know, and in your "Kathy" you comfort me a lot, oh did I mention you're my colour and stuff star today lol

Dear Sexy Tri-focals, I have enlarged ALL for you, and you never came back, I despair in a most despairing way