Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Brian Miller said...

nice. sounds like a cool beast then. smiles. unless you are blasting peace at him.

namaki said...

I like the words very much !!

Magyar said...


stone and iron
this beast will free me
the rain

Talon said...

I love the image with the words. Sometimes you can't tame that beast.

Lorraine said...

lol I like that brian :)

thanks a lot Namaki

I like that Doug :)

Isn't that the truth Talon, thanks alot :)

Standley said...

Les bêtes ne sont pas faciles à domestiquer!
J'aime beaucoup ta photo.

Margie said...

It can happen, sweet Lorraine.
Peace be with you, my friend!

Enjoyed this one, thank you for sharing!

Margie :)

Lorraine said...

N'est ce pas Richard? ;)

Thank you Margie for your lovely visits to all my blogs, only Janice did that...I know you miss her too x

firebird said...

I love the power in this poem--stay fierce in the cause of peace!