Thursday, February 11, 2010


I write for me, I do because it's my way of dealing...but now time to stop with these word flows...So for you who enjoy my photos, well I have an AM3 blog, which you can see on my profile..For those who like other stuff, well I have a cat blog, I have a colour and stuff blog and you can even purchase something if you want, for whatever price you decide, yeah, I'm cool like that. I have a 'What's on your mind' Blog, just for you know, chatting about anything...So having said that, well No more Words Flow and Stuff ;) See you on others, i hope...


Devika said...

This makes me sad...If words are your passion, you see it coming back -- and I feelyou will have it back...unless you decide against...Let that not happen, Lorraine :)


Magyar said...

__LL, I think this was a Tunxis clansman, speaking about the Housatonic River, (it, then, could simply be another of my fantasies.)
__Anyway, the Tunxi said: "each river has two 'ends;'the 'beginning' depends on... which direction you paddle your canoe."

Brian Miller said...

sad to see these go...

Margie said...

Yes, I'll be seeing you on the others.
See you soon!

I have really enjoyed this blog!
Thanks for sharing your words!


Lorraine said...

Don't be sad Dev, it never happens, you know

Doug, so true, I paddled my canoe right back ;)

Brian, they never go, they write themselves against my will, stupid fingers )

Have no fear my sweet Margie, I have moods, to confirm visit my 'What's on your mind' blog, it tells all, well it's a post for WOMEN ONLY