Friday, March 12, 2010

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Margie said...

So lovely!
I love this one!
Your creativity always adds joy to my days!
Thank you, Lorraine.

Margie :)
P.S Such a beautiful picture, breathtaking actually!
What beauty you capture!

Sam!! said...


Best Regards,

Talon said...

So lovely - both words and photograph. We've been savouring the sun for the past few days and it's felt like a benediction.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Margie your comments always warm me :)
His Masterpiece, remember, I just shoot lol

Thanks a lot Sam

It's like a breath of fresh air isn't it Talon ...

Percy Bisque Silley said...

Every day it has Risen for five billion years yet still we take it for granted.

Choices said...

Such as beautiful photo and words as always.

Gillena Cox said...

celebration of sun and sky after your wintry months; happy you shared this one with us

much love

Timoteo said...

The way the sun is filtered through the trees--oh man! They can't teach that. Just the sign of a consummate artist!

ArleneWKW said...

What you've done with the sunlight is really captivating.

Lorraine said...

yes Sir Silley I bow again facing such wisdom!

Thanks a lot Anne :)

Happy to share my dear Gillena :)

Yeah He Is that, I like catching His creation Tim beg your pardon Sir Timoteo ;)

Thanks sweet Arlene, I just shoot, can't help what He makes ;) x