Monday, March 29, 2010

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eddie said...

some mysterious words :)

Magyar said...

The focal point... the photo and verse, clear.

comrade harps said...

not like my dreams then

Kathy said...

I love the subtle colors!

Lorraine said...

I'm glad you think so Eddie ;)

The dreams I have are so real Doug...almost most real than day

Nightmare? Comrade

Thanks a lot Kathy!

Talon said...

Those look like dogwood branches. I love the focus on the red.

Sometimes dreams can seem incredibly real...and it can be a real disappointment when you come back to earth.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh, I love red in the spring bushes. I always try to photograph them but from a speeding car with Mr.-we-are-making-good-time it's difficult. Glad you did it for me.

Had an interesting one second dream yesterday. I'm trying to decide if it means anything.

Choices said...

Beautiful words. Beautiful verse.

RBroeker said...

Of course it is a lot better to live a life that makes you happy. But if someone can't, dreams might help ... Interesting picture, Lorraine: photoshopped or David Hamilton's way of softing the scene?

Best wishes

Margie said...

Love this one, Lorraine.
I had the most lovely dream about my mom a few nights ago and it made me very happy!

Margie :)x

Lorraine said...

Yes that is true Talon, strangest thing is I can will myself out of a dream that's turned into a nightmare, strange isn't it?

Hey Lynne, I'm popping in today to see you, so blogger better let me, or I might say some nasty words, do tell on your one second dream, and thanks for dropping in!

Thanks a lot Anne ;)

Thanks very much Ralf for your words, the photo's been Picasa'd ;) softening option lol oh and focal black and white, I'd invite you and everyone else to download Picasa3, it's free, formidable and oh so big learning curve like on Photoshop CS lol

That's so wnderful Margie, our moms they are precious :)