Wednesday, March 31, 2010

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Brian Miller said...

may your promises find you and take away the hurt...

Lorraine said...

That's so nice Brian, I don't if hurt is right it's just wrong...can't really explain it, but you know you could be right as opposed to wrong ;)

Gillena Cox said...

well Lorraine since you prefaced your hurt by hopeing in eternal promise; i know you are managing situations well

much love

Lorraine said...

A vote of confidence ww thanks Gillena ;)

BlueJayEye said...

a true romantic, a promise holds no guarantee but we still cling to it, like the idealism

Choices said...

May all there be all good things for you!

TALON said...

The photo is beautiful - the sun catches the limbs and warming them. I hope the sun catches you today, Lorraine.

ArleneWKW said...

Oh Lorraine, I hurt for you. Not much else that I can say.

Margie said...

Lovely picture, Lorraine.
But my heart is hurting for you now!

may you have
a song
in your heart
a smile
on your lips
and nothing
but joy
at your
finger tips!

Margie :) x

Lorraine said...

Hey BJE only one thing I'm sure of, the soul is eternal...

and for you too Anne :)

I have a strong feeling it will indeed my dear Talon lol

and I hurt for you, and others all of us who are so far from Home, knw what I mean ArleneBean? x

Well you know what, there isn't much I can do, but this, what you wrote, I can and will, thanks sweety :)

comrade harps said...

To quote Moby (for a change): Everything is wrong.

You just gotta accept it, change what you can, move on and rise above it.

Lorraine said...

Very true Comrade, thanks for the kick in the butt, that's exactly what I needed ;)