Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Humanitarian disasters
Flood, tornadoes and tempers
Politics, economics and tenders
Pain, hurt, abuse we have created
To deal with the reality
Created by our lack of memory


Magyar said...

Now, a volcano in Iceland.

__"Created by our lack of memory"

History is our greatest teacher, if we take the time to thumb through our memory's pages.

Gillena Cox said...

Mother Nature seems so angry; and Lorraine i glean to add, we remember but prefer to dwell in a state of denial

much love

Kathy said...

I think what we really forget is that we are not in charge of this big old planet and Nature doesn't worry about our convenience. These are disasters because we are in Nature's path. The results are painful but volcanoes are nothing new.

Margie said...

Mother nature does have fury but also so much beauty!
I rejoice in her beauty!

Your photo is lovely, Lorraine.

Margie :)

Choices said...

A beautiful reminder that Mother Nature does create beauty as well as fury.

Margie said...

For you Lorraine

I love gray days of
wind and rain
When all the big trees
shout and play ...
And misty days all
filled with dreams
I just love

-Margie x

Lorraine said...

We do tend to ignore until it's in our face Doug, I hope we smarten soon :)

That Gillena is the crux of it all, this 'don't worry be happy' can only last so long...'be happy but vigilant' should be the call of the day

Well put my dear Kathy :)

Agree Margie and we should respect her more and thank you very much:)

You have that right Anne! :)

I like that very much Margie, you're a positive person, that can change the weather you know ;)

gautami tripathy said...

Something to ponder over!

doing the undoing

Lorraine said...

Thanks a lot Gautami, sorry I'm been away from's all Sir Silley's fault of course!