Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Kathy said...

I thought at first that these were whales! Had to enlarge to see it wasn't. It's easy to fool these old eyes!

Brian Miller said...

beautiful...hope you have an amazing sunday L!

Choices said...

I wasn't sure either what the picture was. I too, enlarge it, but I am still bewildered. What is the picture?

Frank Williams said...

A blue, tranquil and meaningful post, Lorraine.

Magyar said...

__Reflections are of the "contrary" view, when, then, there is love felt there... it could never be stronger. _m

Margie said...

Lovely post dear lady!
Thank you for sharing!

Loved what _m wrote!

Margie :)x

Lorraine said...

Hey Kathy I'm just crazy about this photo lol

You too my dear Brian :)

Hi Anne, stones in the water ;)

I appreciate that Frank, thanks a lot ;)

Hmmm, beautiful Doug :)

My pleasure Margie and ditto ;)