Tuesday, May 4, 2010

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Magyar said...

__Here I love the clear flowers as seen through that out of focus frame. "Clear thought can always be found... beyond the haze."
__As you have written, 'clearer from afar.'


Brian Miller said...

thats cause all the detials are fuzzy...the closer i get, the further i fall...smiles.

Gillena Cox said...

Lorraine what are those cuties called; nowadays whenever i see raindrops my heart sing OOOOOOOOOOOH, not withstanding the very few days of rain showers we got; we are still in the drought, but the rainy season should start in June

much love

Choices said...

Makes me thing of the song,"I can see clearly now since the rain has gone." Who sang that? I can remember songs, but sometimes not the composer.

TALON said...

Distance definitely lends perspective. Great shot to demonstrate that, Lorraine.

Frank Williams said...

Unusual focussing that works well overall...

Lorraine said...

Love your comment Doug, always ;)

Ooo that's a good one Brian :)

NOt sure m'dear Gillena, one year I just through wild seeds to the wind and ask to send them somewhere special...I did that 4 years ago, last year, they started appearing, aren't they pretty, thanks so much

OhAnne it's on the tip on my tongue 'America' no, that's a horse with no's right there lol thanks sweetie

Love your comment and perception Talon

I appreciate that Frank, thanks very much :)

namaki said...

hummm it all depends ... it can be quite clear from close too ;-)

TheQuevin said...

This photo is awesome! The quote goes with it 100%!
Life is not blurry once you examine it from a distance. However, if we are always viewing life at a distance, how can we directly make changes quickly? :) Something to think about. Though, very true! :)

Anonymous said...

Awakening, I think.

Sam!! said...

Nicely put..thanks for sharing Lorraine.. :))


Lorraine said...

LoL gotcha Namaki, I hope they're seeing very well x

I think you're a 100% TheQuevin, I'm learning that, slowly thanks for the cool comment and the visit

Merci beaucoup Marcel

Hey Sam it's been forever, how are you and thanks very much :)