Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who I am does not matter

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Devika said...

Love it, Wordsmith :)

typo with rhyme...I don't know, when I place it...i just can't go without saying :)


Lorraine said...

LOL I just love words, 'Wordsmith' wow Dev no one has ever paid me such a high compliment!

Brian Miller said...

yeah, i like that...i rhyme every once in a while but most times not...but i do like to play...

ps. interview today!

Lorraine said...

Brian, oh you are indeed an extraordinary, for T, too bad I'm not still in my profession 'cause then I had access to recording equipment and would record interview simulation with my clients, and then we would discuss how to improve their performance and how to better respond to unusual questions...oh well, I think she'll do fine!

Devika said...

No kidding....say, thank you! :)


Magyar said...

"words to play with who I am"

Ah yes!
__And so many words point... to the confusion of "who I am."
__So truthfully and well composed LL. I bow. _m

Lorraine said...

Thank you Dev :)

Oh Doug, that's just lovely, I don't know that I deserve a bow, but thank you very much

Anonymous said...

of course


après dîner
sa tisane ligne svelte
mon café russe


la version de L3 pourrait être :

mon Irish coffee !

Devika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Choices said...

Very interesting. I like those words. The words of a writer!

Devika said...

No mention ;)
(going a bit formal, ha!

I'll just say I like Magyar's comment...the rest is controversial :)


TALON said...

I think you accomplished that wonderfully, Lorraine. The words reveal so much of who you are.

Lorraine said...

LOL Marcel, c'est excellent :)

that's a nice thing to say Anne :)

Ok Dev I think :)

Wow that too is a lovely comment Talon :)

ArleneWKW said...

Makes me think of my 2+ year old granddaughter. Words are toys with which she plays . . . and gains power and mastery over her world.

Standley said...

Cela tombe bien Lorraine car j'adore jouer avec les mots!

Lorraine said...

Humm could be at the age where I'm reverting lol thanks Arlene, you keep me honest ;)

Toi aussi Richard, je pensais bien ...:)