Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is a goodbye from this Gypsy...still you can find me here from now on

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Anonymous said...


le vide -
parfois me parle


Lorraine said...

oh c'est bien Marcel...merci beaucoup!

Anonymous said...

Il n'y avait pas d'image lorsque j'ai posté ma note ! oui, il faut écouter, maintenant que je vois ce ciel.

Brian Miller said...

excellent word play today lorraine...i am a bit of a restless gympsy at times....

Gillena Cox said...

waters constrained
the sky watches how
she mimics

much love

Lorraine said...

oui? etrange, je suis contente que tu puisses la voir maintenant, merci Marcel :)

Oh Brian, you'd have to be, you can't do what you do, and not want to be ...a gypsy ;)

Thanks Gillena :)

Devika said...

Yes, listening to their stories :)

....listening -
my gypsy heart
holding a sky


Devika said...

Whats this Lorraine? Be Back with Words, please....nothing more! :(

i will be there, though :)


Standley said...

Besoin de prendre l'air et de voyager! Je te verrai sur Aminus alors.
Ta photo est superbe.

Lorraine said...

Dev, you'llfind me at stuffL ;)

merci beaucoup Richard, je vais tout de meme garder un blog, mais tu peux toujours me visiter a AM3 :)

TALON said...

What's this? I go away for a few days and my gypsy friend is off roaming?

I love that shot, Lorraine - it's full of gypsy magic.

gautami tripathy said...

Change is always for the best!

Lorraine said...

Gypsy's back Kim goes Gypsys' restless and moody thanks my friend

Yep and I'm back, but I changed the heading :)
thanks Gautami