Friday, July 9, 2010

English version isn't as good as the Original French mostly because The French version occured during the event some 15 years ago...the English lacks the emotion of the moment

If a child raises a fist
Because of fear or agony
And that from my fist
Sifts sand from a turquoise-coloured ocean
For no other reason
Than bad luck
I want nothing

If lack of love
Turns a man wild
Hand raised, his target, a child
For no other reason
Than bad luck
I want nothing

If someone's happiness
Occurs at random
And pretense requires a smile
But denies a tear that is another's
I want nothing

If I'm offered the moon
But a child is offered
A life that will last
Only until dawn
And always because of
Bad luck
Well, from this world
I want nothing

If justice is rendered
Only by man
And that his only guide's concern
Is payback
You'll get what you're owed

If nothing matters but the cries of warriors
Their vision often too dark
Stories told from the warriors' mark
If the only truth
Is yours or mine
Then nothing from this world can be just

If there is no heaven
When a child dies
His little hand raised
Because of man's monstruosity
Then I want nothing
From this Life

If we do not reap what we sow
If our actions have no consequences
If there is in fact, no
Responsibility to assume
No justice to hope for
No duty to accomplish
No sorrow to justify
No debts to settle
Is in fact
Purely random
Then of this world
I am nothing.


Karol Rosiak said...

Pour moi, c'est une poésie très émouvante.
Merci à Lorraine.


Lorraine said...

Merci beaucopu Karol, c'est tres gentil :) j'aimerais bien te visiter, si jamais tu cree un blog en anglais ou en francais, tiens-moi au courant OK?

Karol Rosiak said...

Ok. Lorraine, bien sûr. Avec plaisir!

Brian Miller said...

so wish i could read the verse and bet the original all the more...i am nothing...

Lorraine said...

C'est apprecie Karol, merci bien :)

Oh Brian, I know you know that horrible pain, you've seen it so often, so it comes down truly, to we are nothing, or we are eternal, for surely this toddler who died in horror, has j to have been quickly taken into the most Loving Hand and thoroughly lifted from the horror and the pain erased by Love, it has to be...because nothing else makes sense...

marianne said...

L'enfant serre le poing, et s'il arrive à grandir, il le serrera toujours, parce qu'il sera déjà mort dans sa jeune âme martyrisée ...
Et toujours il gardera au fond de lui cette méfiance, car le danger est omniprésent ...
un poème qui me donne des frissons glacés ...
je mets ton site en favoris ...
bonne journée Lorraine, gros bisous pour toi !

Lorraine said...

Je t'embrasse bien fort Marianne...x

TALON said...

What a powerful poem, Lorraine. Eloquent and beautiful and sad. I am nothing.

Anonymous said...

Un beau poème. bravo à Lorraine.

Karol Rosiak said...

marianne said...

(...) Et toujours il gardera au fond de lui cette méfiance, car le danger est omniprésent ...
un poème qui me donne des frissons glacés ... (...)


Devika said...

Very eloquent, Lorraine...and very touchy story,

"from this world
I want nothing"

is some thing that i too say in hopeless moments...but when i "wake up" the reality is that:

I am nothing.
And there is nothing in me
That is not of the world,

that settles my rebellious mind....But I feel so much for the child,


Lorraine said...

Thanks my sweet Kim :)

Karol, oui je suis bien d'accord...

That's beautiful Dev, thanks :)

Lorraine said...

OOps je me suis trompee Marcel tu as bien laisse un comm ici, c'est drole tout de meme, tous les commentaires ont ete fait ici sur la version anglaise, je ne sais pas pourquoi, ma je m'attendais a ce que mes comm. francais se fassent sur la version ne sais pas pourquoi lol

Wanda said...

So powerful, so touching, reality hurts.

Lorraine said...

So true, and hownice to see you Wanda :)

gautami tripathy said...

A painful read..

Lorraine said...

Yes it is and thanks for commenting Gautami :)