Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Musing Sunday

I know the recipe
One of Love
and two to go
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Brian Miller said...

i like that recipe....smiles.

Devika said...

Good picture, good words and in a good mood I guess :)

add 0.2 Oz of love to every recipe, it tastes 2 times better...its said :)


Lorraine said...

lol thanks Brian :)

I like that too Dev, noticed the tiny little child?

Devika said...

yeah I have...thats the love part of the recipe I thought :)


Lorraine said...

lol I should have known...;)

TALON said...

And "baby makes three" :)

What a sweet recipe! And what a great shot!

Anonymous said...

Belle recette pour le bonheur.

Standley said...

Le bonheur à l'état pur avec ce bébé entre eux!

Lorraine said...

Thanks so much Kim I just adored that little tiny girl lol

Merci beaucoup Marcel, j'ai eu de la difficulte a voir ton blog dernierement, que pasa ?

Oui n'est-ce pas Richard, ce n'est seulement plus tard que j'ai vu cette petite chouette lol