Monday, August 2, 2010

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Devika said...

should i believe you, who pulls back all blogs at your whim and fancy?? :))

kidding, someone's lucky to have you...nice post, Lorraine :)


Lorraine said...

LOL Dev, my forever is not my blog, it's my love for the river ;)

Devika said...

first i thought in those lines...then i thought of twisting :)


Frank said...

Words & photo have a timeless quality about them, Lorraine. Lovely post...

Lorraine said...

You're a good twister Dev ;)

Thanks Frank for your lovely comm. they always make me smile :)

Marcel Peltier said...


lac paisible
- où s'échouer


Brian Miller said...

the river continues to run well passed all others...there is something for that...smiles

Lorraine said...

Merci beaucoup Marcel :)

I likE that Brian :)

Magyar said...

in doubt
of where forever flows
the tides

Seraphine said...

there is forever
and you will be there

you and we
are not the same

there is us and place
assuming forever

Kristin Riggs said...

SO beautiful, Lorraine! Heartfelt as always!

Lorraine said...

I have no doubt Doug :)

River is forever dear Sera :)

thanks so much Kristin :)