Thursday, August 12, 2010

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The Dark Lord said...

Wonderful lines, but the last two seem a little sad..

The Dark Lord said...

I like the blue layout.. looks serene!

Brian Miller said...

and what a wonderful smile it is...smiles.

namaki said...

that's a very nice self portrait ... and a beautiful smile !!

TALON said...

Hey, Lorrain! Looking good! Who wouldn't smile back at a gorgeous smile like yours? Your words make me sad though...

comrade harps said...

I guess some people don't like being photographed in public toilets.

Seraphine said...

you look just like yourself
except you changed your hair color.

in a cosmic sense, we are all strangers, don't you think. even family and friends- one never knows what really goes on in another's head.
friends drift in and out of our lives.
oftentimes, we feel that we don't even know oourselves.

in a cosmic sense, we are all one. what happens in my mind is probably happening in yours too. yes, we are unique individuals, but we have more shared experiences than differences. we are the same in all the important ways. deep down, despite our doubts, we are who we are.

which is right? there is truth in both views. the true friends are those who are there when we need them. a friend knows what you are going through. humans are capable of empathy.
there is probably more than one soulmate out there for you; it's possible to find love again. and again.
we change. everything changes. and we adapt. and that is how we come to know who we are.

Lorraine said...

TDL then you read it right ;)

smile right back at ya Brian :)

txs dominique ;)

Thanks a lot Kim, it is what it is...everyone goes through sh...part of life :)

never minded and it is of me, so Comrade, txs

totally agree Sera, actually this photo of me is more recent than my profile...must be lighting :)

Bob Towery said...

I like the portrait, like the words, and lady you got guts to take images in a public restroom!