Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Brian Miller said...

i hope not because then i will miss seeing you one last time...smiles.

Lorraine said...

Hey Brian, I think I have a few years left, you have the love of your life so you don't have to wonder is she'll shed tears...I'm so happy for you x

Devika said...

You made me blink with this post, Lorraine! :)

who knows who will go first...but I like to believe that finally we will meet again to wink at each other :)


Frank said...

An atmospheric post - a lot to think about...

Michael Rawluk said...

I love it. Peeking through the trees. As to blinking, maybe I will close my eyes to retain the image.

Gillena Cox said...

living, blinking, missing, projecting, smiling;
wishing you a very Happy Weekend

much love

P.S. that email you sent me this morning --thumbs up LOL

TALON said...

Not just blink - weep!

Cindy said...

So sad and beautifuld at the same time. I wanted to let you and Devika know that I closed In My Heart, but am starting a new blog, needed a change so we will see where it goes. Much Love.. CindyBrown

Seraphine said...

i hate to say i will blink when you are gone,
unless i go first. i will blink
and the sun will go down and the moon
will come out and someone will leave
their home to have a cup of coffee
by themselves. they'll leave their umbrella
because it stopped raining while they were
reading the newspaper, and the air
will smell fresh and birds will sing.
a cloud will shape itself
into your favorite memory.
a seed will grow into a peach tree so slowly,
it will seem to make no sound... but played
in fast motion the seed becoming a tree
would make a sonic boom
heard across the universe, and i will blink
at the suddeness of it, how fast it went,
where did you go?

Lorraine said...

I like that Frank, thanks so m uch :)

I like how you think Michael :)

That's lovely Gillena, I especially like "the late JC" lol

You are a sweet person Mlle Talon :)

Hey Sweet CindyB, can't wait to see it :)

Wow Sera girl you should really expand on your blog, you never show your incredibly moving poetry

Janice Thomson said...

But you're never really gone - moot point - you're always in my heart cherie...

Magyar said...

I turned
And walked away
Glancing back
___ a question lingered

And when
I saw your
Vacant shrug
___ the answer