Monday, September 6, 2010

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Brian Miller said...

oh i as well....

Lorraine said...

Thanks Brian :)

Devika said...

WOW! What a photo, sure have it, already :)

i couldn't comment y'day...the mail too returned - don't know what happened;


Frank said...

A really lovely post...

Janice Thomson said...

I think Autumn's here already - our leaves are starting to turn... beautiful photo chere amie

TALON said...

My favorite season is just around the corner - can't wait! And love that shot, Lorraine. Very serene.

Seraphine said...

i have never shot off a flare in my life
so you may have to wait a while longer...

what's that? flair? f-l-a-i-r?

is that like ardor and panache? um... i have a feeling if you are looking for passion, it might be a long wait.

have you tried lowering your standards to a simple, understandable grunt? because that's what's out there. if you are lucky.

let's see how this sounds:

your grunt
i await
with great

see how much more realistic that sounds?

no, it isn't you.
it's me.
it's them.
you don't have to settle though.
you shouldn't settle.
don't give up on your dreams.

someone out there grunts with flair.
i'm sure of it.
good luck.
best wishes.

send up a flair when you find him.
or better yet, fireworks.

Cindybrown said...

I can feel the fall air in this photo. Beautiful!

Gillena Cox said...

returning all these years
and still
we are two separate beings

Michael Rawluk said...

That is a really lovely photo.

Standley said...

Cette photo est sublime Lorraine. J'aurais aimé la faire!
Bonne journée à toi.

Lorraine said...

strange Dev, but then everything on my comp is strange, thanks for making it through :)

Thanks always Frank )

Lucky Janice, you must take tons of photos lol thanks m'dear

Thanks a lot Talon, andmine too, can't wait :)

That's a little insane,and I wonder why I like it somuch Sera girl :)

Thanks a lt Cindy B :)

beautiful Gillena :)

Glad you enjoyed Michael:)

wow Richard comme c'est gentil, merci beaucoup