Friday, September 10, 2010

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Devika said...

For the dream to be reality, we should always be willing to let go....yes, relief is always an illusioon

well, I was talking about my dream -- i do get your view, and it is true....because the dreams i dream can seldom be reality; i still do, though:)

Nice post, Lorraine - insightful :)


ps: Now, i'll see you sometime in October, or before, am going home tomorrow :)

Devika said...

just popped in to see if you responded...and now looking at it, again...i guess - doubt is what is to be beware of, but life teaches us to doubt, sadly --

relief, i don't think active minds are ever relieved :)


Lorraine said...

Ha Dev illusion is fear, and you give in, you give in to fear...

hey Dev it's rare, but sometimes I'm not on blogger ;) lol silly you See you in Oct. Know that you will be missed...and know one to call me on my crap

Magyar said...

I'll paraphrase.
__>So easy to let go, when doubt is stronger than dream<

__So never doubt your dream! Lovit, LL. _m

Devika said...

fear -- what is to be afraid of, my dear....our scriptures say life is an illusion, but don't fear :)

see you in Oct, stay well...iwill miss you too :)


Brian Miller said...

i am hugging my illusion...smiles.

TALON said...

Very wise words, Lorraine. It is sometimes easier - or seems that way - to let go, but if you hang on sometimes and keep working hard some dreams do turn into realities.

Michael Rawluk said...

That looks like a lava flow. Relief is seeing your troubles melt and slide away.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Doug I'm fighting to the end ;)

Dev, take it easy enjoy, but do come back :)

LOL I like that Brian lol

Couldn't have said it better Talon, thanks sweetie :)

There's a version I like thanks Michael ;)

Janice Thomson said...

visualization is a great way to achieve one's goals especially when trying to rectify a fault...excellent post mon amie