Thursday, October 14, 2010

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Devika said...

In a way everything in this world is a reflection of the "self" -- Beautiful autumn colours Lorraine :)

btw, i didn't mean the obsessively self-possessed psychopaths as sometimes people tend to be...the reflection that will connect us to the divine self, and with others created similar :)


Brian Miller said...

kinda wish i was on that it sure is peaceful...

TALON said...

Serenity now! That is a gorgeous shot, Lorraine. There's something so calming about reflections.

Gillena Cox said...

enjoying so much your autumn collection

much love

Magyar said...

__I like seeing things in the -reflective- view; I, appreciate contraries.
__Here... the bird house pole seems a needle... that sews both views together.

Standley said...

Quel bel endroit serein Lorraine! Je m'y promènerai bien.
Bonne journée

Lorraine said...

Thanks a lot Dev, and no worries we're all a little phychotic :)

It took my breath away Brian, thanks so much!

I agree my dear Talon, it soothes the soul, and that is vey much needed ;)

Thanks very much Gillena :)

I love your observant eye Doug, thanks so much!

ca ferait une belle promenade du samedi,n'est ce pas? merci beaucoup Richard

Magyar said...

...and you, the thread?