Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Devika said...

I will be happily settled in that place -- and life is better in black and white sometimes - because the colours have become so routine and a bit boring - one reason i need to get back to books :)

white, may be, But i feel you will have a warm winter this year - :)


Devika said...

oh why did i have to think about me!!

Sorry Lorraine, But i thought you were talking of impending winter -- what choice have we but move with time! But I'm sure you will have beautiful colours even in winter :)


TALON said...

Lorraine, that photo looks like a painting...I'm assuming things are running okay now? I hope so!

Maybe your world is blending and merging into something even finer that you haven't known as yet...

Brian Miller said...

no dont take the coulour...esp not this timeof year...but the unknown can be quite exciting...smiles

Gillena Cox said...

falling to a cooling earth
winter's a coming

much love

Ralf Bröker said...

"Go into the garden.
Go under the ivy,
Under the leaves,
Away from the party."

Kate Bush, Under the Ivy

Best wishes

Cindybrown said...

great photo!! I think we are always searching for ourselves, or at least i know I am!! I think this could be interepted a couple of ways!

Lorraine said...

more like thinking of my impending lost of computer lol I was i'm a flimsy mood thanks Dev

I fixed it Talon, I'm still in shock ll thanks my dear

Brian It was more like my life one moment full of colours and the next dark as all get go ;)

OOOO I love that Gillena, thanks m'dear :)

I'll have to listen to that thanks Ralf :)

most definetely I interpret it different ways, different meanings on different days, thanks Cindy :)

Standley said...

Ces reflets de couleurs sont magnifiques.
J'espère que tu vas te débarrasser du virus rapidement!
Bonne journée

Lorraine said...

c'est fait et j'en suis tres surprise Richard merci beaucoup