Monday, October 18, 2010

You're so HIGH High High above me
an autumn Tradition
I drive into the cemetary
with the reign of maple trees
and sing out Loud with the radio
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Devika said...

something disturbing about it? or you enjoy that? Traditions - the hard part, i leave - Hope the One above doesn't mind :)

But such a photo -- I envy you to be living in such places...No not the cemetery; the beautiful trees :)


Lorraine said...

It's all good Dev, I sing to the tombs that are lonely with only bones, but we know the spirits are sooo high high high, high above me lol

Devika said...

Oh you mean the spirits -- dear Holy spirits, spare me...until i join you up there! :)

a secret - i do talk with them; seriously :)


Lorraine said...

Hey Dev that makes too of us, sometimes - and I've never revealed that before - but sometimes I listen to soft beautiful ethereal music and ask Jesus to dance with me

Devika said...

Oh but Jesus' face is too pious for a dance, (just my thought, Loraine)...we have a little thief of a God called Krishna who danced with 16001 Gopis :)

And i could never imagine him as God as people say, could be like a friend as you say of Jesus, and again the music is quite entralling...the flute :)


Gillena Cox said...

Amen Lorraine; God is watching, His seasons morph, one into the other, and our responses its challenges day in day out

much love

Lorraine said...

Dev, Jesus experienced a great deal of passion on this Earth, and Jesus was sent to smarten us up hs is not God, but He Is off God, we all are.. Jesus is more advanced, He Is Like a big brother!

WEll Put m'dear Gillena :)

Devika said...

yes, i don't disagree about Christ...except about the cleverness and smartness the world is -- think its gone way far than He himself thought, even at the time, crucifying him...oh well, no debates over God and Religion :)

Gillena has said it...and God is watching, i too believe :)


TALON said...

What a beautiful shot, Lorraine. I like your tradition! There's something beautiful about cemetaries I've always felt.

Brian Miller said...

i think that is really cool actually...i love singing to the radio loudly with the windows down...and i am sure the dead did not mind...

comrade harps said...

It reminds me of this:

A dreaded sunny day
So let's go where we're happy
And I meet you at the cemetery gates

Morrissey lyrics for The Smith song Cemetery Gates

Cindybrown said...

A Cemetary would be the only place I could sing :)I love the photo and I find the words very comforting!!

Michael Rawluk said...

Cemeteries sure are wonderful places to shoot. This is a gorgeous shot. Gorgeous colour.

namaki said...

oh la la ! qu'est-ce que c'est beau toutes ces couleurs orangées !!

Standley said...

C'est une photo somptueuse Lorraine. Le cimetière s'y prête à merveille!
Bonne journée

Lorraine said...

Yes Talon, we all know we will be there also, high in the sky ;)

Exactly Brian, exactly ;)

Interesting Comrade, I never heard that song, it does fit well, thanks alot :)

Cindyb, I know it would all fall on deaf ears lol my singing is awful lol but enthusiasm must be worth something,right?

Thanks so much Michael, glad you enjoyed :)

Merci beaucoup Dominique, c'est si beau l'automne :)

quel beau compliment Richard, merci beaucoup :)